Mónica Castañeda reappears on social networks after receiving medical attention in Ventanado; This is your health condition

Mónica Castañeda reappears on social networks after receiving medical attention in Ventanado; This is your health condition. Credit: @ChapoyPati

health of some drivers windowing There’s been a lot to talk about lately, because later Daniel Bisagno He was admitted to the hospital due to lung infection and had to be intubated. Monica Castañeda It had to be Paramedics attended During the broadcast last Friday, February 23.

Although this did not happen when they were on air, it did happen Pati Chapoy Who reported the situation on their social networks, sharing an image of the moment and detailing what happened to their colleague tv azteca,

“Life in stages; Monica Castañeda Treated due to low blood pressure“, written as description mexican show queen In x, However, the journalist has appeared on social networks, showing that what happened is already a thing of the past.

Husband Chapoy reports on the health condition of Monica Castaneda (Photo: X)

I am sharing a photo of him InstagramFamous presenters from other places tv azteca He told through gestures what had happened to him windowing Last Friday, February 23, was already a thing of the past.

“Fears are always there, sometimes they are the enemy but they help us take care of ourselves, grow, rediscover ourselves.” facing new paths in life“, Monica Castaneda wrote selfie Where she can be seen smiling while wearing a pastel pink blouse and red stockings, which has been appreciated among her followers.

Monica Castaneda is absolutely healthy after reduction in blood pressure (Photo: Instagram)

Monica Castañeda Ventanedo joined the series of presenters who have recently experienced health difficulties, receiving care from paramedics on Friday, February 23. Although it did not go live, it was Pati Chapoy who told the public what was happening to her partner and what his condition was after he required assistance from the medical staff present at the TV Azteca facilities.

When you experience a drop in blood pressure, commonly known as “reduce pressure“, can reveal a range of body Symptoms ranging from dizziness and weakness to fainting, Low blood pressure can be caused by a variety of factors, the most common being dehydration, blood loss, heart conditions such as bradycardia or arrhythmia, hypoglycemia, nutritional deficiencies and the use of certain medications.

Ricardo Manzanares, Mónica Castañeda and Rosario Murrieta at the Ventanedo Forum in the absence of Daniel Bisogno and Linette Puente (IG:ventanedo)

Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Emphasize the importance of making an accurate diagnosis to determine the cause of low blood pressure and thus provide appropriate treatment.

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