“His work allowed us to eat in Venezuela,” said the family of a migrant expelled from Aruba.

Illegal immigrants face a very limited labor market. Credit: UNHCR/Berber Van Beek | studiorootz

The three Venezuelans repatriated from Aruba arrived at Las Piedras International Airport in Punto Fijo, Falcon state, this Friday afternoon, January 19, aboard a commercial flight of the Albatros airline.

By Irene Revilla | caribbean history

Crónicas del Caribe learned that the flight arrived in Venezuela at 12:30 pm with 11 passengers, three of whom were turned back due to the irregular immigration situation on the island.

The three men entered Aruba irregularly and were working informally when they were caught in an immigration raid conducted by the island’s police. They were fired from their jobs and detained until they could buy return tickets to Venezuela.

Crónicas del Caribe spoke to a direct relative of one of the repatriates. He regretted that his relative had been expelled as a thief, when in fact he had gone to the island to work.

“He never had any problem with anyone. He worked as a criminal from arrival until he was fired. What he did made us eat food in Venezuela, because what we are going through is not hidden from anyone. The worst part is that he had to pay for his return ticket even though he did not want to come. He comes here and they also want to treat him like a criminal,” said the man, who preferred not to identify himself, between sobs.

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