The day Nicole Kidman was told she had no future in Hollywood because she was too tall

Nicole Kidman still remembers as if it was yesterday when she was told she was too old to hope for a career in film. While still a teenager, she participated in her first castings in Australia, such as for the 1982 musical film Annie Where its size really posed a problem.

“I had to negotiate to get in the door because they took your measurements before they let you in. I was disintegrated,” the six-foot-tall actress recalled Radio TimesSaying that she had gotten into the habit of lying about her height by a few inches.


“They made fun of me. They called me the Stork,” lamented Nicole Kidman, who has since become one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, winning a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in 2003. hours, However, her larger size has often come to the fore, such as during her highly publicized relationship with Tom Cruise, who was a head smaller than her. Finally, if Nicole Kidman is still troubled by her size sometimes, she has learned to turn it into an asset.

“It bothers me when I’m acting and my role requires me to play a small role. But sometimes I take advantage of it when it’s related to my work and then I say to myself, ‘Okay, I can use it now,'” she said, before concluding on the downside: Because of its size he had some unfortunate knee problems!

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