Hoshi offers concert tickets to fan overwhelmed by her cat’s vet bill

Emmeline, a fan of singer Hoshi, was resigned to not going to her Montpellier concert on March 14 due to the veterinary expenses of her cat Sheeran. But the artist needed only one publication on the social network to intervene.

“And Sheeran got sick and now I have 4,000 euros in vet bills and no concert tickets,” she lamented. Interpreter ofcensored love The scholarship student on the social network responded: “Your cat’s name is Ed Sheeran, it’s incredible, I’ll send you two invitations in DM (private message, editor’s note).”

“I didn’t expect this at all, much less that she would follow me,” Emeline told BFMTV with her roommate Gao. “I really thanked her, she told me I should send our names and she would give them to her team. Then she told me that my cat was very sweet and that she hoped it would work out well and quickly. “

She welcomes, “It’s rare to find artists who have their feet on the ground like this, despite a certain notoriety.”

“Finally a little hello”

Finally, a stroke of luck for a man who has been trying to see Hoshi on stage for years but keeps racking up disappointments: “I was supposed to see him for the first time in Metz, but the concert was canceled during the Covid period. Was done. Sete, we had our sights set and we caught Covid…”

“We really needed this little break of happiness,” she adds. “I definitely wanted to say thank you in person.” And the opportunity will certainly present itself, as Hoshi told BFMTV:

“It’s important to me that everyone has access to concerts regardless of their financial situation, so I’m very impressed.”

“I hope Ed Sheeran gets better and these two guys enjoy the concert. I think I’ll say hello to them at the end.”

Original article published on BFMTV.com

Video – “This could make the symptoms worse”: Hoshi suffers from Meniere’s disease, had to change his diet

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