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104 civilians killed in Gaza after IDF strikes while waiting for food, according to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry

Palestinians mourn near a body at Kamal Adwan hospital in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza, on 29 February, after Israeli soldiers reportedly fired on Gaza residents who were running towards trucks filled with humanitarian aid.  (Photo: AFP/Getty Images).

At least 104 people have been killed and 760 injured in a chaotic incident in which Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers delivered food aid trucks to starving Palestinian civilians, according to the health ministry of Gaza, controlled by Hamas. There was firing when people gathered around.

CNN cannot independently verify these figures.

People had gathered around newly arrived aid trucks in the hope of getting food when Israeli tanks and drones began firing on people on Haroun al Rashid Street in the Sheikh Ajleen neighborhood, west of Gaza City.

An Israeli official told CNN that IDF soldiers had fired live fire at people surrounding the aid truck because “the crowd had approached the forces in a way that posed a threat to the soldiers, who fired live fire.” “The incident was reported to be under review.”

Witnesses told CNN that aid trucks tried to flee the area, accidentally hitting others and causing more deaths and injuries.

Dr. Amjad Alieva of Al Shifa Hospital’s emergency room told CNN that 40 of the dead had arrived at the hospital.

Dr. Hussam Abu Safia of Kamal Adwan Hospital told CNN that 10 more dead people had arrived at the hospital, while Jabalya’s Al Awda Hospital confirmed the arrival of three more dead people.

According to Ahmed Abu Al Faul to CNN, the number of dead and injured is expected to rise, as many bodies and people are still in the streets, and ambulances are having difficulty reaching those who need them because of debris blocking the way. Is blocking.

In response to CNN, the IDF said that “the incident is under review.”

The IDF told CNN, “This morning, as humanitarian aid trucks entered northern Gaza, Gaza residents surrounded the trucks and looted supplies being delivered. Dozens of Gazans were killed as a result of pushing and shoving during the incident. were injured.”

Oxfam International condemned the attack in a post on X, saying it was a “gross violation of international humanitarian law and our humanity.”

The number of dead and injured has been updated to reflect the latest information provided by authorities.

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