Hotels are being investigated due to private rental in Anzoátegui

Hotels are being investigated due to private rental in Anzoátegui

A new phenomenon of tourism provision is taking hold in eastern Venezuela, as many expatriates have found a way to generate income in vacation rentals while they are not in the country. correspondent

“I gave my apartment in Lechería to a real estate company, they charge $40 per day for a maximum of six people to stay, most people rent for two or three days, the company takes care of everything And I generate income,” he says. Marcos Martínez, who currently lives in Panama, maintains the mobility of his property near Playa Lido.

This option will be more affordable for family groups, since the price per person per night in a traditional hotel ranges from 20 to 250 dollars, depending on the level and services of the establishment.

Dianne Serrano, executive director of the Anzoategui Hoteliers Association (Ahotanz), expressed her concern about the rental of properties in residential complexes in the area during the holiday season.

“There is no legal framework, the offers are private and there is no record of the numbers, hotels are struggling to survive, there are offers, but we are concerned,” he said.

The informality of this activity will not result in the tourism industry reporting official income; There is still a lot that is unknown about this parallel market that is growing rapidly.

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