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When searching for happiness, spending free time can be very helpful. However, sometimes it becomes impossible to have more free time than work time. So, a group of scientists in the United States revealed how much it takes to be happy.

A recent study conducted on 35,000 Americans by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California found very surprising results. According to experts, people who have up to 2 free hours per day will be happier. On the other hand, if this number becomes high, it can create feelings of unhappiness.

All this was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology and, moreover, it was indicated that there is a negative relationship between leisure time and well-being. Having more free moments is linked to being less happy due to lack of productivity.

Experts not only came to a conclusion, but also left a series of tips for people to find happiness in the best way:

Establish Priorities: It is always best to find the activities most meaningful to each person and prioritize them.

Have personal goals: Clear objectives during free time will give you better meaning and create a feeling of productivity.

Conscious planning: This will make the most of every minute of free time.

Do productive activities: Whatever you consider productive should be on your to-do list.

Find balance: Finding a balance between work and rest is a big help.

Experiment with different activities: So that everything does not become monotonous, it is best to try new activities, sports or entertainment.

Regular evaluation: It can be very helpful to evaluate yourself every certain period of time to adjust the timing as per individual needs and goals.

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