How much does a week for two people cost in Miami?

miamiFamous for its vibrant nightlife, coveted beaches and warm climate, it is quite popular. tourist destinations in usaBut it is one of the most expensive cities for travelers.

Miami’s popularity as a center of leisure and relaxation is growing, but the cost of enjoying its attractions is also rising. According to a recent video released by Latin community in the United States On their TikTok profile, a couple who wishes to spend a week on vacation in the City of the Sun will need to prepare a budget.

He BreakfastBeing the first meal of the day, it can cost around $47 for two people, which is a clear indication of the price level in the city.

He air transportation Another factor to keep in mind is that flights range between $300 and $370 per couple.

Once in Miami, Accommodation This will be the next big outlay, with costs starting at a thousand dollars through platforms like Airbnb, varying depending on location and quality of accommodation.

The freedom and comfort of having a vehicle is almost essential for getting around a big city like Miami rent a car It can cost around $900, plus fuel costs.

miami nightlife It’s an attraction that many want to experience, but access to the clubs comes at a price, which can be as much as $250 for admission, not including what is eaten inside.

feeding Eating for two people for a week in Miami is another item that adds weight to the budget, a rough estimate of a thousand dollars if you avoid both the cheapest and high-end restaurants.

tourism activities, like boat rides along the coast, also add to the total, sometimes exceeding $70 per excursion. With all these expenses, without considering more luxury experiences, the estimated cost of a week in Miami for two people would be around $4 thousand.

Economic reality begins to impact Miami’s tourism industry

In 2023, Visit Florida reported a Decline in number of tourists Compared to the previous year, visitors dropped from 137.4 million to 135.02 million, a sign that travelers are thinking twice before deciding on the expensive vacations offered by the City of the Sun.

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