How online gaming affects the emotional well-being of teens and youth

The digital age in which we live, technology and access to the Internet has brought with it many opportunities, but also worrying challenges, such as Gambling problem increasing among teenagers and youth, Compulsive gambling, or gambling addiction, has evolved with the advent of online gambling, becoming a topic of increasing concern due to its impact on the emotional well-being of this vulnerable population.

With the expansion of the Internet and the development of advanced technologies, online gambling has become easily accessible to people of all ages, including teenagers and young adults. Sports betting platforms, online casinos, virtual poker and other forms of gambling are available in just a few clicksWhich has made it easier for the youth to participate in gambling activities without any restrictions.

Insecurity of teenagers and youth

Adolescents and youth are at a critical stage of their development, in which they are experiencing a series of physical, emotional and psychological changes. During this period of transition from childhood to adulthood, they face many unique challenges that make them particularly vulnerable to problem gambling.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of adolescence and youth is the active search for identity. Young people are constantly discovering who they are, what they like and what defines them as a person. This process of self-discovery can create feelings of insecurity and confusion as they attempt to find their place in the world and define their identity in a constantly changing social and cultural context.

Besides, Adolescents and youth tend to seek strong emotions and new experiences, They have intense curiosity and desire for adventure, which leads them to seek out stimulating and exciting activities that provide instant gratification. Online gambling, with its easy access and promise of intense thrills, presents itself as an attractive option to satisfy this need for excitement and risk.

impact on emotional well-being

In addition to the exploration of identity and the exploration of strong emotions, adolescents and young people may also be influenced by socio-economic and cultural factors that increase their susceptibility to online gaming. In many cases, the lack of adult supervision and availability of Internet-connected electronic devices can expose youth to a wide range of online experiences, including gambling, without appropriate restrictions.

Other than this, The culture of consumerism and instant gratification prevalent in contemporary society may contribute to the adoption of addictive behavior among young people., Aggressive advertising by online gambling platforms, which often promote attractive prizes and welcome bonuses, may influence young people’s perception of gambling as an attractive and exciting activity, without warning them about the associated risks.

Additionally, the pressure to achieve success and economic prosperity in an increasingly competitive society may lead some youth to seek quick solutions to improve their financial situation. The illusion of winning large sums of money through online gambling can be extremely attractive to people who are looking for a way to quickly get rid of their financial problems or achieve status and social recognition.

On the other hand, the rapid technological development and ubiquity of the Internet in the daily lives of youth can create a feeling of omnipotence and anonymity in the digital world. This sense of disconnect from real outcomes can lead teens and youth to Take more risks onlineWhich includes engaging in gambling activities without adequately considering the potential effects on your emotional and financial well-being.

Preventive and intervention measures

It is essential that preventive and intervention measures are taken to address the growing problem of gambling among adolescents and youth. Schools, parents and health professionals should work together to educate youth about the risks of online gambling and promote responsible gambling habits from an early age.

Additionally, it is important to provide support and treatment to youth who are already struggling with gambling addiction. Intervention programs should include individual and family therapy as well as access to support groups where youth can share their experiences and receive support from people who understand their situation.

The susceptibility of adolescents and youth to online gaming is the result of a complex interaction of personal, social, economic, and cultural factors. It is essential to address these factors holistically and provide appropriate education, guidance and support to help youth develop healthy coping skills and make informed decisions about their participation in online gaming activities.

The spread of problem gambling among adolescents and youth through online gambling represents a serious problem that requires immediate action. It is important to address not only the physical and financial aspects of gambling addiction, but also its impact on the emotional well-being of this vulnerable population. By educating, preventing, and providing appropriate support, we can work together to save our youth from the dangerous cycle of gambling addiction and help them live full, healthy lives.

Veronika Dobronrich is the co-founder of Gimnasio de Emotions.

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