The Central Bank of Cuba has announced a new alert system for your banking transactions

The Central Bank of Cuba has announced the creation of a new notification system that will allow customers to receive detailed information about their banking transactions.

According to Information from the state newspaper GranmaThe system, which is in the testing phase, will allow customers to receive alerts about:






Customers in Cuba expect to receive notifications about every transaction made with their debit or credit card, including the date, time, amount and location of the transaction. Also about discounts, special offers and new products.

Carlos Miguel Casas Sansario, head of the System Development and Interoperability Department of the Central Bank of Cuba, explained that in the case of remittances, there is currently no channel.

Thus, the idea is that “notification services alert the customer upon receipt of certain information required by the bank to be declared.”

As announced, notifications will be sent via SMS or todus platformAs selected by the customer.

banking in cuba

The new notification system is an important step in the “modernization” of Cuba’s banking system. The system is expected to help customers gain better control over their finances and avoid fraud.

However, there is still much to be done to improve financial technology in Cuba.

For example, two cards that operate in Cuba, the AIS and Classic USD cards, do not allow checking balances through ATMs or applications. In these cases, customers need to call on the phone to find out the available balance on their card, which is unimaginable these days.

The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) has recognized progress in the number of cashless operations, with a monthly increase of 0.6% from August 2023. However, shortcomings in the banking process still remain.

Among the most common problems are:

  • Problems with QR codes.
  • Discontinuation of Enzona or TransferMovil payment gateway.
  • States and private centers that avoid charging fees digitally.

What do you expect from this new notification system that the Central Bank of Cuba will enable?

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