How real are Amazon reviews written by artificial intelligence

AI technology seeks to facilitate navigation of comments on Amazon, but presents challenges of accuracy in summaries, (EFE/Friedemann Vogel)

Amazon has recently been implemented artificial intelligence Summarizing the opinions of its customers, with the aim of providing users with a comprehensive and clear view of the products for sale on its vast online commerce platform.

However, the current system Reviews and Ratings There is already a problem of fraud and manipulation, increasing concerns about the authenticity of the summaries generated. aye, This takes into account that these models are not perfect and often to mislead While creating text.

And although the tool has been modified since its launch last year, there is still debate over the accuracy of the results presented with this technology and the potential dehumanization of content and the creation of vague, incomplete or misleading descriptions. There are questions from. They do not honestly represent the critical opinions of users.

Amazon’s new feature uses algorithms to narrow down millions of reviews. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

implementation of a system of Summary generated by artificial intelligence (AI) As for the product reviews section, it is an attempt by the e-commerce giant to provide a reliable and synthesized overview of customer ratings towards a product, thus addressing the problem of fake entries and information overload in reviews.

In fact, the model presents in the section “”customer review“A highlighted summary of the most relevant product features and characteristics valued by buyers, such as StabilityThe easy to use And this Display,

Additionally, users will find interactive buttons that, when selected, will provide specific AI-generated analysis of highlighted product attributes.

This is added as positive characteristics And negative feedback Through a color code, favorable comments in green and not so good or neutral comments in yellow and brown.

Amazon This ensures that it has a high commitment to authenticity, ensuring that these summaries will only originate from verified reviews from real customers. Currently, the company is focusing on improving the accuracy of the models.

Traders express concern over inaccuracies in AI-generated summaries. (Amazon)

this new AI technology Generative is being scrutinized by some marketers and experts, who point out that it disproportionately highlights important comments in product summaries.

Reported cases include incorrect descriptions, such as referring to a inversion table As a “desk” to get relief from back pain, and marginalize negative thoughts to prominence. This has created a feeling of unfairness among sellers, who rely on positive feedback.

In some specific examples, AI-generated summaries have described a board game (Brass Birmingham) has been rated as difficult to use based on less than 1% of critical comments, or some mentioned complaints about smell. tennis balls Considering only seven negative opinions out of over 4,300.

let’s remember this product reviews They have been a central part of the e-commerce giant’s platform and in 2022 alone, 1.5 billion opinions were recorded by 150 million users.

The e-commerce giant promises to focus on accuracy and offer improvements to AI summaries for consumer trust. (Reuters)

e-commerce giant Amazon It also cooperates with other platforms like EBAY And Shopify in exploration of AI for product description,

Therefore, in the near future this technology may play an important role in online shopping, advertising and interaction with customers on the web.

In fact, Purpose of the company founded by Jeff Bezos Do customer reviews on Amazon affect its nature comment system From hotels to medical services, across various online platforms.

At the moment, this novelty is being deployed in the United States and there are no details regarding its arrival in Europe or other regions.

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