How the Arctic Front has created ‘electric car graveyards’ at Tesla charging stations?

Isabel Sandoval, a young Latina from Chicago, featured in a TikTok video A queue of electric cars waiting to use a charger at a station in the Country Club Hills suburb.

“Four charging stations don’t work, and four others do,” Sandoval says as he shows how he only has 3% battery left in his Tesla. During the 3 hour wait.

‘Graveyard’ of electric cars

Isabel Sandoval saw compared to the other two Electric cars “died” because the charger did not reach them in time. The image was strange, many cars Covered with snow or ice and removed. All this happened in the middle of an Arctic cold front that affected almost the entire United States.

Sandoval, who has owned a Tesla for 4 years, starts the video by saying: “If you’re planning on buying a Tesla, this is your signal to save time and money: Don’t do it!”

A similar scene was seen in suburban Oak Brook.Where hundreds of electric cars waited for hours for the charger.

cold and electric car battery

AAA spokesperson Andre EL Khouri explains that Batteries perform less in cold weather, Which affects electric cars during the cold conditions that Chicago is experiencing.

“If your electric car has a normal range of 300 miles, the range will be much less during the cold”Warned El Khoury.

If you decide to hit the roads with an electric car, They ask you to check the nearest charging centersAnd always calculate your distance range per battery in minus.

Univision Chicago Team He requested a statement from the Tesla company, which has not yet responded.

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Dozens of electric cars stuck waiting to be charged went viral. Some social media users shared how they struggle to keep their Tesla powered.

Credit, abc chicago


Long queues of vehicles were seen at many gas stations, with people having to wait for more than two hours to fuel their cars.

Credit, abc chicago


This problem arose due to the extreme conditions of Arctic cold that Illinois passes through. Some owners took to social media to challenge themselves to charge their Teslas.

Credit, abc chicago

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Isabel Sandoval, a young Latina from Chicago, showed a line of electric cars waiting to use a charger at a station in the Country Club Hills suburb in a TikTok video.

Credit, abc chicago


Owners indicated that some charging stations were not functioning and those that did provide service were crowded.

Credit, abc chicago


AAA spokesperson Andre EL Khoury explains that batteries perform less well during cold weather, which has an impact on electric cars during the cold weather experienced in Chicago.

Credit, abc chicago

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Some cars had to be towed and some were parked at Tesla charging stations. Isabel Sandoval advises that if you are planning to buy a Tesla, don’t do it.

Credit, abc chicago


The Norwegian Automobile Federation found that electric vehicles lose about 20% of their range in the cold.

Credit, abc chicago

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