How to become a youtuber? Essential Tools and Tips to Get Started

There’s a good reason to want to become a YouTuber: great income. And by fantastic we’re talking monthly income that’s between $82 and $83,000 dollars. Although of course, making money youtube It is not an easy task. In fact, it requires a lot of perseverance, dedication, patience and of course talent. However, it’s still an opportunity that you should at least consider if it crosses your mind. That’s why in this guide we’ll tell you how to become a YouTuber, as well as what tools you’ll need.

How to Become a YouTuber: Essential Tools

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At first glance you may think that your cell phone is enough, but if you really want to take the leap towards consistency and professionalism that is essential to being a YouTuber, it will be essential that you have the equipment. This is the essential list.

a camera

Ideally it should be able to record 4K video, although if your budget is limited, a camera that records in Full HD (1080p) will suffice. Here we are leaving for you a list of some of the best cameras that you can buy, but in short, sony for vlogging and by a gopro They are enough to get started.

a tripod

It is essential that you have a tripod to place your camera. Options vary depending on the type of camera you have. For example, for Sony Vlog ZV-1 II A tripod for about $25 dollars This is more than enough.

a microphone

It’s essential that your video has adequate audio, and there’s nothing like a dedicated microphone for this. The most commonly used due to its versatility is the RøDE VideoMicro II, which costs around $50.

a computer to edit

And again, it doesn’t have to be a big computer. We recommend that you take advantage of what a gaming laptop has to offer, especially because its dedicated graphics card will guarantee acceptable performance to start editing videos in 1080p. For example, this Acer Nitro 5 with an RTX 3050 graphics card costs around $800.

How to Become a YouTuber: General Tips

Now that you know what the tools are, here are some basic tips so you can give the idea of ​​becoming a YouTuber a try and get to work.

Find a topic to talk about

It is important that you have clearly defined what your channel will be about. By doing this your audience will recognize a topic and start following you. Also remember that microsegmentation, i.e. looking for a place to talk, can help you grow in the short term, but may limit you in the future.

Whatever your strategy, though, it doesn’t need to be written in stone, be yourself and remember that being in front of a screen means responsibilities.

be persistent and patient

Perhaps this is the most important point. Don’t expect to get thousands of views anytime soon, let alone money. In fact, keep in mind that to start receiving money from YouTube, your channel (part of YouTube’s Partner Program) must have at least 500 subscribers, 3 videos uploaded in the last 90 days, and 3,000 hours of views in the last year. Needed .or over 3 million views on Shorts in the last 90 days.

So get to work.

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