I’m a former military man, I’m 47 years old and if I could only do one exercise for the rest of my life, it would be this

Former UK Special Forces and Royal Marine Commando soldier and TV presenter Jason Fox tells us which movement he can’t live without. And seeing his physique, his answer may surprise you, because it is not biceps curl or bench press.

Men’s Health: If you could only do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jason Fox: Burpees

It seems that the burpee divides the opinions of most fitness connoisseurs. Many believe that this is too advanced a move for beginners and may cause injury, while others argue that It can be adapted to any level and is the ultimate litmus test.

Whether you consider them friends or enemies, we explain how to do burpees and what are the best workouts. If Jason Fox deems it necessary, it will be for a reason.

how to do burpees

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    1-Start standing and sit down with your hands on either side of your legs.

    2-Jump into high plank position with rigid torso, throwing your legs back.

    3-Going down as far as possible, do push-ups on the floor and then return to high plank position.

    4-Jump and return to a sitting position, placing your feet between your hands.

    5-Jump explosively with your arms extended above your head.

Alternative Exercises to Burpees

If burpees seem too strenuous for you, here are three ways to reduce the intensity:

1-Jumping Stops: Stand between each repetition instead of jumping.

2-Reduce flexibility: One option is to work on bending your knees by resting them on the floor.

To reduce the exercise even further, eliminate jumping jacks and deep push-ups altogether. An alternative might be to do a plank before placing your feet back on the ground and standing again.

exercise reduces weight

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Types of exercises with burpees

We tell you the most common types of burpees. You can choose according to which muscles you want to work and your physical condition.

Burpees over the bar

The key to this exercise, which combines burpees with jumps, is speed. First do the burpee, you know, push off the floor and jump up, and then jump over the edge of the bar., another burpee, and again jump to the other side as fast as you can. Don’t forget intensity and speed and, above all, don’t fall over the bar…

bar in front of burpees

Unlike the previous exercise, this exercise involves performing a burpee in one place, facing the bar, and then switching to the other side after lifting the bar.

Broad Jump Burpees

This is a variation of the classic burpee that replaces the upward jump with a forward jump at the end. This small change has a big impact on the muscles working during exercise. This is a good test of lower body explosivenessAnd is exclusive of HYROX and CrossFit.

Most common mistakes when doing burpees

As we said, Burpees are not a simple exercise and therefore, it is normal to make some mistakes. Or evils while implementing it. But don’t worry, here’s what not to do when training with burpees. Try to avoid this to avoid injuries!

watch your back

If you twist like a pretzel when you squat, all the explosive energy you generate when you squat with great intensity will travel up through a hunched back, increasing your risk of injury. try to keep your torso straight,

don’t fall flat

Many people complain of wrist pain when doing burpees., This happens because while lowering the body they fall directly on the hands. Therefore, You must finish the squat before relaxing your hands.To reduce stress.

posture is necessary

Perform each repetition as if your sneaker laces were tied together. The wider stance on burpee climbs requires more space and reduces your mobility. Bring your feet to the outside of your hands to reduce the risk of worsening your posture.,

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