How to create a mental health friendly work environment

According to a WHO report, the most common mental health problems are anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Depression is the most common mental illness in Spain, with approximately 3 million people suffering from it. In a business environment, focusing on mental health and ensuring the emotional well-being of employees by creating a healthier and more mindful work environment is not only beneficial for people but is a strategic investment that has an impact on the organization.

Awareness of mental health and the need to care for and articulate it are major issues in all aspects of our reality. The workplace is echoing this and more and more companies are prioritizing the mental well-being of their employees, implementing measures that improve employee well-being and promote a healthy, open and productive work environment.

Companies should take care of the mental health of their employees by taking measures to improve the well-being of those on their teams. This will not only help in creating a healthy and pleasant work environment but will also rapidly improve the productivity of the company and its employees. “The well-being of teams and their performance are highly interrelated, so we must facilitate an inclusive, responsible and calm work environment,” says Christine Luce, CEO of Stimulus. But, for this to happen, proactive strategies must be adopted that help create a conducive environment.

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Mental health has a significant impact on work productivity. When employees experience mental health problems, it can affect their performance and well-being at work. For example, a study by Deloitte showed that organizations that prioritize mental health and take concrete initiatives to protect and promote it achieve six times higher ROI than organizations that do not. Are.

During situations of uncertainty or sudden change, such as the current global situation, psychosocial risk factors, such as anxiety, social distancing and prolonged confinement, can impact work teams. What measures can organizations take? Stimulus, a firm specializing in mental health in the workplace, offers six mental health care measures that impact productivity.

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  • Openness and communication. It is essential to create a work environment that encourages openness and transparent communication between workers and senior management, with the aim of reducing mental health and the problems it causes in both work and personal spheres.
  • Encourage flexibility. There should be a balance between work and personal life, encouraging flexible work policies, which will reduce stress and increase team productivity.
  • General Purpose. Building a strong team committed to the company is essential to a healthy and open work environment. Establishing a common purpose will help foster collaboration and participation. Recognizing people’s work will improve a company’s emotional well-being and productivity.
  • Resources and support. Although open communication and a healthy work environment are essential, access to resources and emotional support services should also be provided to care for the team’s mental health. Companies should offer counseling programs, therapy, and support hotlines to their employees. This is all under policies that guarantee the confidentiality of the employee seeking treatment or support.
  • Awareness and training. Education and awareness within the team on mental health issues is essential. Providing training to a company’s senior management will help them effectively prevent, identify and address stress in their teams. Training programs should also be offered to the team aimed at increasing awareness about mental health and managing stress and other challenges that arise in the workplace.
  • Measurement and monitoring. Simply implementing mental health programs and policies is not enough; They should also be evaluated regularly to ensure that they are effective and meet the needs of employees.

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