How to hide contacts on iPhone

We show you various options to hide contacts through some native apps and settings on iPhone

How to hide contacts on iPhone
Contacts on iPhone and how to hide them

With the huge amount of contacts that we store every day You may wonder if it is possible to hide contacts that we do not use or that are not so important., Let us tell you that there is no direct way to hide contacts on iPhone. There are indirect ways to do this which we will show you below., As a note, it is not possible to hide individual contacts on Android. This is not a fault of iOS, like Apple’s mobile operating system.

Hiding contacts from Siri and Search

If you are one of those users who uses Siri on a daily basis, one way to hide contacts is through contact suggestions. You will be able to continue using Siri without worrying about certain contacts,

  1. Open Settings, go to Siri and Search
  2. Scroll down in this section and click Contact
Hide Siri Search in Contacts

Hide Siri Search in Contacts

  1. Turn off all switches on this page
  2. Return to Siri and search, select phone
  3. turn off all switches of this section
Hide Siri Search on phone

Hide Siri Search on phone

Siri won’t have access to your contacts the next time you use it And hence they will not appear in any imaginary search. The bad thing is that if you are used to requesting a call through Siri you will no longer be able to do so.

Send it to your files as a contact file

The usual thing to do is to delete the contact information or contacts that you don’t want to keep in the Contacts or Phone app. If you need it in another section, you can select the Files app as the final destination, Here it is hidden indirectly and you can do it like this:

  1. Open the Contacts app and click on their contact card
  2. Scroll and select options share contact
  3. click on save to files
Hiding contacts in files

Hiding contacts in files

  1. Select the location where you want to save that contact’s card and confirm Save.
  2. Return to the Contacts app and click on the last section Delete Contact
  3. confirm operation

The information will be moved to another location and the contact will become “hidden”. However if you want to interact with said contact you will have to manually add the phone number to send a message or make a call.

Use any Notes app

It is a normal thing Use the native app that comes on iPhone by opening a new note that hosts contact information or contacts Which you want to hide. You can add additional security by adding a password. Let’s remember that before the age of mobile phones we had an address and contact book in which we wrote by hand.


The Notes application hides a large number of functions and features

Segment the list of hidden contacts through a list

A more practical way to hide contacts is through the list, Normally the iPhone manages a single Contacts section but it is possible to add lists from different sources, for example, from Google or Microsoft email. This is very useful if there are multiple contacts you want to hide.,

  1. Open the Contacts app and tap Lists from the upper left corner
  2. Click in Lists Add list
  3. Select the relevant account to create the list (can be from iCloud or any other source)
Hide contacts by creating a list

Hide contacts by creating a list

  1. Add a name for that list and click Done
  2. Click on New List
  3. add compatible contact
  4. When you’re done selecting, tap Done.

These contacts are now part of that list and Therefore they will not be shown in the default list iCloud, which is what we usually see (if you’ve configured that list as the main and only). You can also move them to another source, instead of choosing iCloud you can link it to Google, and then remove them from the iCloud list.

Find a third-party app that meets your needs

The least advisable thing is to look for third-party apps that do the work for you. The downside is that they will request access to your iPhone data and contact information. If you trust an app you can access it, otherwise it is better to use one of the previous methods or ask for a recommendation through internet forums or, as is almost always solved, by Googling.

Go back in time and write it down in a notebook or card

As we mentioned earlier, in the era when landlines dominated our homes, there was always a directory or address book with contact numbers on one side. The natural thing to do would be to write down contact information in a notebook, agenda or card., If you do this only you will know where to save that information.

Conversely, if you want to highlight contacts at the top, here we show you how to add them as favorites.

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