How to Keep Your Car Always Smelling New Using Only Household Ingredients – Teach Me About the Science

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One of the best things when buying a new car is when we go inside and its interior smells new, every part of it smells new, combined with turning the key and hearing the engine speed, just an unforgettable experience. Experience happens. Unfortunately, over time and use, the car interior deteriorates and acquires aromas that are not entirely pleasant, which also makes the travel experience unforgettable, but not for the reasons that You would have liked. So, so that you can relive that moment when you felt that new smell inside your car and it lasts for a long time, you are going to find out how to make your car always smell like that Like it came out of the dealership.

The importance of always having a car that smells good is rarely given so much importance, especially if the car is already a few years old. However, more and more people are realizing that focusing only on the exterior is not enough. The car, but the interior also matters. In fact, the often said “Tell me what your car smells like and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it,” is a very common phrase among car lovers, because bad smells can also indicate that That there is something wrong with your mode of transportation. In addition, odors coming from cigarettes, from a pet’s stay, or from food are easily absorbed, but not difficult to remove.

This has been demonstrated by people who have tested the following two tricks which are becoming a trend among people who want their car to always smell like new and if you are looking for the same thing, then the following Pay attention to the information, you will be surprised by the results.

How to keep my car always smelling new?

Now, to achieve this, you need to get the following ingredients and know how to use them to make your car smell great:

° baking soda:This component can help you do a deep clean inside your car. All you have to do is spread it on carpets and rugs and on seats if necessary. In this way, baking soda will completely eliminate the bad smell.

° coffee beans: In the case of coffee beans, what you should do is place the ingredients in two or three containers and then leave it overnight. This method is very effective for eliminating tobacco odor and the odor left by pets.

° Lemon or orange peels: You can choose to leave lemon or orange peels inside your car only at night, as they are perfect for absorbing bad odors, in combination with a good and regular wash, you can remove the new smell from your car more. Can be preserved for a long time. Eliminate all bad odors completely within a year or so.

Remember not to use scents that can distract you from good driving while driving, scents like jasmine or lavender are scents that relax the brain and can make the driver sleepy and also remember that food Reduce odor as much as possible, as these odors increase appetite and make driving more aggressive.

Quite the opposite to scents like lemon or coffee, as they help improve concentration while driving.

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