How to Play Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake for Free on Nintendo Switch

Remake of the missed title that was originally released for Game Boy Advance in 2004 and now comes to Nintendo Switch

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is the latest proof of how Nintendo is taking advantage of nostalgia to save some of its most classic titles. And although the game will only be available from May 24, 2024, the Japanese entertainment company released a free demo as a preview for all players.

Although its purpose is not just to refresh the memories of most fans, but also attracts new generation players Who will be able to enjoy the charismatic competition between these mythological characters.

Nintendo website where you can download the Mario vs. Donkey Kong demo. (Nintendo)

In fact, This trial version includes all four levels of the first worldThere is also the possibility of adding a two-player mode that allows two friends to take Mario and Toad on this adventure full of puzzles.

And like the full title, the demo is exclusive to the Switch console And to download it, users only have to:

, Enter the Nintendo eShop From the Switch, or visit the following page:

– Click on Options Download the demo and follow the instructions for a start.

Nintendo confirmed that this demo of Mario vs. Donkey Kong includes all four levels of the first world. (Nintendo)

Nintendo continues its tradition of re-inventing and updating its most beloved franchisesAlways striving to provide freshness to games while honoring the legacy of its greatest characters.

and this remake It is full of the details that made the original version so popular. Which was released in 2004 for Game Boy Advance.

but now it’s done New options like local co-op mode, It will include new levels and a less demanding casual mode.

Likewise, enemies also play a fundamental role in crossing certain areas, reaching inaccessible high places or opening new paths.

In fact, during the game players will find Iconic enemies like Goombas, Piranha Plants or Koopa Troopa TurtlesWhich will make it more difficult to overcome traditional obstacles such as falling and oncoming bricks, spikes, moving platforms and bricks along the way.

Donkey Kong has stolen all the Mini-Mario toys from the factory and Mario has to get it back, this is the premise of this video game which will be released on February 16th. (Nintendo)

Players must guide Mario through a series of platforming challenges. Aim to defeat Donkey Kong in over 130 different levelsWhere the mission will be to rescue the Mini-Mario toys stolen by the Nintendo Gorilla.

“Use your brain and find the best way to access Mini-Mario toys in platforming and puzzle challenges across eight different worlds,” the Japanese company said.

In the game, it will be important to observe the environment and plan actions carefully Mario can run, jump, climb, swing, stand on his hands, do backflips Collecting the necessary items to advance in each level.

There are over 130 levels offering a variety of platforming and puzzle challenges. (Nintendo)

While at the end of each world, Players have to use what they have learned During the previous levels to defeat Donkey Kong in arcade-inspired platform battles.

“Don’t go soft on him because he certainly won’t go soft on you!” he recalls from the entertainment company dedicated to the research, development and distribution of consumer electronics software and hardware.

A second player can also join in the fun as Toad In two-player mode on the same system, and in some levels, you’ll be able to lead a group of Mini-Marios through dangerous locations.

adventure awaits! Watch Princess Peach in action on her latest journey into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Princess Peach is ready to make her own video game After a long time and as a prelude to the months left before its launch, Nintendo released a new trailer in which you can see more details of what this experience will be like.

In addition to the published videos, The Japanese company confirmed that it will put a pair of pink Joy-Con on saleas a special edition to pay tribute to the character from the Mario Bros. universe, who had not played a solo game since she starred in 2005’s Super Princess Peach, a title for the Nintendo DS that featured her alongside Mario and Luigi. Had to save Shakti from Bowser.

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