How to save money: 10 rules that will also improve your well-being

How to Save Money While Feeling Good About Yourself

Whether you’ve got a big investment on the horizon or your finances have been stretched thin in recent months, reducing daily expenses is one of the most widespread New Year’s resolutions; An almost mandatory objective during the steep descent of January. A matter of how to save money This usually sounds tedious and full of sacrifices, but here is the foundation that supports all the rules I will explain below: It’s not about not spending, but about doing it consciously, proposal a low buying year instead of a no-bye year (Something that can give rise to a huge amount of frustration and we all know that, sooner or later, we will fail to comply, as well as guilt and ultimately relapse after restrictions are lifted). And yes, we admit we like rules – habits, if you will – whether they’re for having more enthusiasm and energy every day or for getting our teeth spotlessly white. Below we share the most effective things related to the million-dollar question: how to save money without sacrificing your well-being and quality of life.

#1. Check your bank account charges daily

We encourage you to consult the bank application with the same naturalness with which you access your social networks. Doing this regularly will help you understand ‘How does your money go?’ And manage it more appropriately. Additionally, there is a type of scam that runs over time that involves making small sporadic charges to your account; Keeping the identity of each zodiac sign up to date will help you avoid this. Finally, among the advice from savings experts, it is advisable to use Apps Like: “Tandem, which links to your bank account and analyzes your spending.”

#2. go out and run

The first part constitutes one of 20 Beauty Tricks I Copied From My French Friends: If there is a destination you can reach on foot, go for a walk; Working without taxis and public transportation is not only good for your economy, but your health will thank you. The same reasons are under the ongoing section. If you signed up just to go to the gym run On tape, cancel that subscription: Your city is a better scenario. There is always a park or cleared space near home where you can exercise outside, and as the saying goes coach About the well-being of Amagoya Izaguirre, “We should aspire to live more active lives and connect with nature; It reconnects us with who we are, it gives us creativity and well-being.

#3. Check all your subscriptions and cancel without mercy

Really, how many of the media platforms you subscribe to do you even visit? once in a month, If you are still a subscriber because you are waiting for the premiere of the new season of your favorite series, cancel: you will have time to reactivate your subscription when that happens. Think about how your fixed expenses have increased in recent years due to these types of services… It will only be worth it to continue paying for the ones you really enjoy on a regular basis.

#4. organize your wardrobe

One for clothing, one for cleaning products, one for sheets, one for makeup products (according to these guidelines) and even one for the pantry. Not only will you free yourself from a huge mental load and will reduce visual noise, but you will be able to keep a fairly accurate list of everything you have and everything that is missing. This way, you’ll avoid duplicate purchases and make the most of what you already have, which is the best way to save.

#5. Buy and sell clothes on second-hand platforms

As far as shopping is concerned, they say that cheap is expensive, but this saying usually does not apply in the shopping market. second hand, Thanks to the second-hand September movement, it is possible to skip fast fashion Forever, managing to dress better than ever before and investing in clothes more smartly; Try it! Additionally, on Vinted and Wallapop you can find second hand luxury pieces or rarely used, high-quality clothing That will last you for many years at affordable prices; This will compensate you in the short and long term.

On the other hand and following the previous rule, we recommend that when organizing the dressing room you keep Everything for sale that you haven’t used in over a year, isn’t your size and/or you’re sure you won’t use again, Offer it on resale platforms even at a symbolic price, and if you are lazy, send the photos to your friends and family through WhatsApp groups; Only then can you ensure that they go into the hands of someone who really wants them and is going to use them. Of course, if the items in question are luxury, it may be worth the time required to sell them on Vestiaire Collective. And with the money received, buy only what you need, one of the 4 keys to avoiding consumerism.

#6. stick to budget

Don’t spend more than necessary in the present in the hope that you will earn more money in the future; Living beyond your means is never positive. The ideal is that you pay attention a realistic budget Which you can complete without major difficulties, thereby getting relief from unnecessary expenses. Going back to rule number 1, establish a border figure So that your bank balance does not decrease at the end of the month and try daily to adjust it.

#7. ask for a raise

Perhaps it’s time for you to get a raise – it may have been years ago – and your superiors haven’t even considered it. continue on 9 keys of one coach Managers’ tips for succeeding in difficult conversations And try it; As they say, you already have the ‘no’.

#8. Do not ignore the one who lives in the house

Bring cute underwear, pajamas, and robes; Use high quality towels and bathrobes; Use the best service available on a daily basis to eat or drink coffee; Maintain order and cleanliness in the house… All those aspects that are not visible are essential for your well-being, especially with the number of hours we spend at home. It’s not about investing in them financially, but about taking care of them to enhance your quality of life: Feel better about yourself and avoid filling voids by buying things you don’t need,

This is one of the best Apps To help you eat a healthy and balanced diet (according to nutritionists), aimed at avoiding food waste by supermarkets, bakeries, fruit shops or restaurants. Thanks to this, you can buy for less than three euros package Keep food that is nearing spoilage in your neighborhood from ending up in the trash at the end of the day. The ideal is to go to fruit and vegetable shops (they will give them to you). package as healthy as possible), Freeze foods that allow it and cook the rest as quickly as possible, This requires a little organization, but will allow you to save money, fight waste, and incorporate foods into your diet that you don’t normally eat.

#10. Eliminate unnecessary expenses, no matter how small they may seem

Many of the rules already mentioned are mentioned here, but this one is so important that it deserves mention separately. You have to eliminate all those minimal but unnecessary expenses, and most of the time a little foresight is enough: Cook food at home a day in advance Instead of buying ‘anything’ near the office; drink coffee at home Or take a thermos with you instead of ordering coffee to go; get out and walk on time Instead of taking that taxi… it all adds up, and you’ll see it when you start practicing rule number one.

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