How to send euros to Cuba with Caixabank

CaixaBank, one of the main banks of Spain, offers its customers the possibility of sending money to Cuba through its CaixaBank HomePay-Caxagueros service. This service allows you to make international transfers without opening an account in the destination country.

How does this work?

To send money to Cuba via CaixaBank HomePay-Caxagueros, only the beneficiary’s personal data and the location of the Cuban bank (BPA or Banco Metropolitano) are required. It is not necessary to know the account number.

what are the advantages?

  • Commission: If your payroll is at CaixaBank, the first shipment of the month is free. If you don’t have payroll direct deposited, the commission is 10 EUR.
  • Speed: The money usually reaches the beneficiary within a few hours.
  • Security: This service is backed by CaixaBank, one of the safest banks in Spain.
  • Money is available in Euro.

What are the disadvantages?

Cash availability: Sometimes, Cuban banks may have problems with the availability of cash in Euros.

For example, earlier this month, a reader confirmed cuba directory Currency shipments were not being delivered to Cuba by bank transfer. Banco Metropolitano did not respond to a query from one of our editors.

How to send money to Cuba via CaixaBank HomePay-CaixaGiros?

  • Access the CaixaBank app.
  • Select “Transfer”.
  • Select “In a foreign account”.
  • Click on “Caixabank Homepay-Caixagiros”.
  • Add recipient.
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Confirm operation.

Where can I find more information?

For more information about the CaixaBank HomePay-CaixaGiros service, you can consult the CaixaBank HomePay-CaixaGiros service. Caixabank Or contact the bank office directly.

Tips for sending money to Cuba:

  • Find out about the terms of service: Before you send money, make sure you know the fees, delivery times, and terms of service.
  • Check beneficiary details: Make sure beneficiary details are correct to avoid delays or errors in delivery of funds.

By sending money to Cuba through CaixaBank HomePay-CaixaGiros, you have an option so that your family members can receive it in euros.

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