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WhatsApp is constantly improving its framework. Like every month, the Meta-owned instant messaging app brings many new developments. After much wait, one of the most favorite by the users is finally landing.

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The latest information is that WhatsApp will soon allow you to transcribe voice messages to text. Yes, no more long voice memos. Now they can be read thanks to a new feature that will allow them to be converted to text.

Although there are tricks for transcribing audio, it is not an official function integrated into Android apps. This will change with the next update, as TheSpAndroid has discovered that the WhatsApp audio transcription function is already being tested in the beta version of the app.

Although this feature is something new for Android users, the reality is that it is not new for WhatsApp. Transcribing voice notes to text was integrated into WhatsApp for iOS in May 2023 and Android users had to wait until 2024 for it to become possible.

Except for the fact that WhatsApp usually prioritizes new features for iOS before Android, transcription of voice notes to text is not yet available in the stable version of the application. This functionality has been discovered in the latest beta version of the application.

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