After falling popularity, a video of Lula jogging went viral

What dozens of interviews failed to achieve about government plans became possible with a physical exercise session: A video viewed more than 10 million times came to the defense of Brazilian President Lula, whose popularity is declining in the polls.

The 78-year-old president shows off his arms and legs with a sporty look as he jogs with the imposing Alvorada palace – the official residence – in the background, the likes of which Brazilians have not seen since his physiotherapy session following a hip operation last year.

The speech is short and does not talk about foreign conflicts or strikes with Congress: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva advises to live a healthy life and live to “120 years old”.

“I wanted to invite him to do a little exercise, not to sit still on the sofa (…) It is worth medical consultation,” says Lula, wearing a black T-shirt and shorts with the logo of his Corinthians team. ” Sao Paulo.

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According to data released this Thursday by the polling company Datafolha, approval of Lula’s government dropped from 38% last December to 35% this month, a figure that remained almost constant during his first year in office. Meanwhile, rejection rose to 33% against 30% at the end of 2023.

In the video, the leftist calls on Brazilians to “move your legs, your arms, and even run a little if you have the physical strength.”

“For all of you who want to be healthy, make the most of life and live to be 120, just like I want to,” he says.

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According to local press calculations, the video published on his official Instagram profile on Tuesday received more than 10.1 million views this Thursday, the largest audience for presidential content this year.

On social media, many of his ministers also copied his jogging, perhaps suggesting a strategy.

At a cabinet meeting on Monday, Lula demanded better communication and better results from his ministers to deal with the decline in popularity.

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