Hugging is medicine and the key to it is oxytocin

There are those who support, that they say goodbye there are also reunion And happiness. They can have many meanings, but Hug They are always a symbol of affection. And above all, They are healers. in every sense.

“It is shown that Hugging relieves pain Physical,” explains psychiatrist and author Marian Rojas Estape, And the explanation lies in all the substances that are released from the body when hugged. Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin…are neurotransmitters that produce calming effect, analgesic, causing a sense of well-being.

“Oxytocin is the key to hugging. It reduces stress and anxiety”

But above all what happens when we make that gesture oxytocinA substance that acts as a hormone and neurotransmitter and is “The key to embrace.” “When you release oxytocin you can do reduce the level of Tension Tension, Worry, that person can sleep betterand feel that your immune system is regulated,” explains Dr. Rojas. “People who hug feel better psychologically and physically.”

Eight hugs a day, for eight seconds

how much do you have hug for the last time To produce that relief? As American researcher Paul J. founded by jack eight seconds level of stress starts reducing, and from Twenty, Status of Relaxation and peace. Another solution is to hug daily. According to Psychiatrist Virginia Satir, need four hugs a day to surviveEight to maintain itself and twelve to grow.

“We investigate oxytocin to discover potential social changes”

In this CSIC Neuroscience Institute examines oxytocin, “We work with 3D technologies brain circuitsto see how they are formed during development and to be able to identify possible social distancing and disorders“, he tells sandra juradoDirector of the Department of Cellular Neurobiology, CSIC.

But not just in hugs Effect Neural circuits. So do parenting styles, attachment bond And childhood experiences. “At the biochemical level we are all the same, but We don’t all hug with the same intensity Psychoanalyst Susana Ruiz explains, “Not even in the same numbers.”

“The hugs we are given as children influence the hugs we are given as adults.”

“Does this mean that all children who receive affection will be affectionate? No. But it helps a lot.” How they took care of us when we were little When we grow up it comes to building relationships.

Cuddling: More Oxytocin, Less Cortisol

during pandemic we miss you a lot HugAnd this absence affected us too mental health, “That time we get cortisol toxicityWhich is the hormone of fear, stress, uncertainty… and They banned us from oxytocin: Don’t hug yourself, don’t touch yourself,” Rojas Estape reasons.

But now, Do we embrace each other enough? Probably less than recommended. Don’t forget, and don’t give in to hugs today just because it’s the day. A hug, or a few hugs, is always medicine,

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