Hungary’s parliament approves Sweden’s entry into NATO

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his vice president Zsolt Semjén (Reuters/Bernadette Szabo)

Parliament of Hungary confirmed Sweden’s accession to NATO this Mondaywith whom last hurdle overcome The Scandinavian country faced the challenge of becoming a full member of the Atlantic alliance.

Hungary was The last country among the 31 members of the alliance to give the green signal After the unification of Sweden turkiyeAnother country that has also objected to an extension will do so in late January.

The ratification, broadcast live on Parliament’s website, was approved by 188 votes in favor and 6 against.

Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Christerson, He described the Hungarian ratification as “historic”.

“A historic day. Now the parliaments of all NATO countries have voted on Sweden’s membership. “We are ready to assume our responsibility for NATO security.”Christerson wrote on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christerson (Reuters/Bernadette Szabo/File)

On my part, NATO Secretary General, jens stoltenbergAssured that Sweden would create a transatlantic organization “Strong and Safe”,

The Russian military intervention in Ukraine in February 2022 led Finland and Sweden to end two centuries of military non-alignment and request entry into the Atlantic alliance, which was granted after Turkey lifted its veto at the last minute in exchange for certain conditions. Approved in Madrid.

Turkey and Hungary finally gave the green light to the Finnish entry last spring, but in Ankara’s case, he delayed the Swedish move because of Sweden’s perceived permissiveness towards Kurdish terrorism; and on the other hand for Stockholm’s criticism of the Orbán government’s legal reforms.

The Turkish parliament finally approved Sweden’s entry on January 23, the same day that Orbán formally invited Kristersson to Budapest by letter to discuss that and other issues.

The meeting between Orban and Kristersson took place last Friday, after the Hungarian president announced that the parliamentary vote would take place today.

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