I am a nutritionist and this is my daily menu for a healthy and ideal weight: easy, fast and balanced

To maintain a healthy diet and control your weight, The key is in balance, During the week you should try to eat the best possible diet. However, if we went out to eat Or we have an event, we can get ourselves some treats and don’t feel guilty Thus. nor should we abuse your own bodyThat is, never starve yourself or restrict eating, but manage it in such a way that we always make it a priority Good quality foods that provide us with nutrients, satiate us and nourish us,

The trick is to have good habits and a good diet Allows you to be healthy and stay at your weight, But how do we do this? We tell you what your diet should be if this is your goal and we make you an offer one day menu Example that you can take as reference.

5 Foods You Should Avoid Eating at Dinner

What should your diet be like to stay healthy and stay in line with your weight?

Ideally, the composition of the diet should be Vegetables and fruits, quality proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, as we see on the Harvard plate, is a graphic representation of what a healthy diet should look like. But, How and in what quantity Can we include these in our diet?

vegetables and fruits

First we have to make sure We never have shortage of vegetables and fruits In our diet, especially vegetables, because they are the ones that provide us with the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals. we always have to Try to vary them and eat different types, as each vegetable provides us with a different vitamin and a different nutrient.,

it is recommended that vegetables and fruits are in season, and give priority to their consumption. we must take At least 2 servings of vegetables a day, for example, with salad, with lunch or dinner, or serving roasted vegetables or vegetable cream. The ideal is that you always a vegetable accompanimentAt least two main meals.


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