“I deserve the money I earn, don’t steal it from anyone”


Full report of the program this Thursday night on France 2 special messenger Did klian mbappe, There, the Frenchman talks about everything: his desire to start a family, his relationship with his parents, income, racism, his disappointment after losing in the 2022 World Cup final argentina And the dream of competing in the 2024 Olympic Games.

Mbappe has confirmed he will leave PSG while Real Madrid await his signature on the horizon: “It’s part of the cycle”

But in this interview, the forward will not address the issue of his future, which is at the center of attention from fans and sports media. Although he recognizes that P.S.G. He wants to “know” his final decision as soon as possible, whether he renews or changes clubs.

mbappe Acknowledge what you would like to do in your daily life. “Go to dinner quietly, go out with friends, party secretly, don’t let anyone see you… The next morning, have a nice breakfast in the sun on the terrace, admire things. Simple things in life, details ahead.

Regarding his annual income, he did not deny that he earns around 100 million euros per year. “The truth is I don’t know very well…” he replies. “At the age of 12, I also thought there was a lot of money in football. I deserve the money I earn. I didn’t steal it from anyone. “That’s just the way the world works,” he says. killian,

“Mbappé called me to go to PSG, but I refused; I have signed a contract with Real Madrid”

His mother and agent are also included in the report. faiza lamariWith family lawyer, delphin verheyden,

mother of mbappe Is in charge of reviewing contracts and says she is proud of the last contract she signed psg In 2021. “There is no guilt or shame. If we had been able to accept 10 billion, we would have done so because this is the system that wants it,” he explained.

link to killian with psg It expires in June, so if the player decides to leave Paris at the end of the season he can reach an agreement with another team starting this January. real Madrid Still waiting for him.

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