“I would like to see them more often…”

Marlene Joubert, mother of twins, Eva and Joey Green, has had the privilege of becoming a grandmother. Unfortunately, she doesn’t spend Christmas with 9-year-old Giulio and 10-year-old Vittoria.

Cinema icon, Marlene Jobert also plays with her pen. At 83, Jean-Luc Godard’s inspired actress focuses on children’s stories and has released a storybook and CD box set, titled 3 beautiful Christmas stories, in Glénat Jeunesse. A perfect grandmother, each of her stories was undoubtedly validated by Giulio, 9, and Vittoria, 10, the two children her daughter Joy had with her husband Niccolo Marzichi Lenzi, whom she married in 2011.

We know that Marlene Jobert is the mother of Eva Green, who is currently in the cinema, starring in the film LThe Three Musketeers: Milady, But the latter has a very intelligent sister. “I never imagined that each of my daughters, who are twins, would live somewhere other than FranceThe actress tells in the magazine column Festival. But Eva lives in London, where she pursues her career, and Joey lives with her husband in Tuscany where he manages a wine estate. Although I visit them as often as I can, it creates a distance. Joey gave me two grandchildren who speak three languages ​​and call me Grandma and a lot of money…it’s lovely. Eva, for her part, has no particular interest in becoming a mother.,

Marlene Jobert celebrates Christmas in June

Marlene Jobert may be looking forward to spending the year-end holidays with Giulio and Vittoria. She could spend lovely moments by the fire, reading to him…

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