Iceland inflicts horror punishment on Honduras that leaves serious doubts in playoff clash against Costa Rica


fail early 2024 honduras national team Lost 2-0 against new representation of iceland Was thinking about the decisive match against in the first match Costa Rica for tickets America’s Cup.

Those led by Reynaldo Rueda became more and more inferior in the development of the meeting DRV PNK Stadium from the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. What is the home of Inter Miami where it plays? Lionel Messi.

Marlon Lickona started as a starter in goal, with the defense Kevin Alvarez, Marcelo Santos, Devron Garcia and Wesley Decas. Populated midfield: Jorge Alvarez, Carlos Pineda, Jose Mario Pinto, Edwin Rodriguez and Alexander Lopez, While there was Douglas Martinez as a single man.

Two mistakes, two goals, all in 10 minutes: Honduras were in bad shape and Iceland punished them, causing them to lose in Miami!

The attack from both sides came out aggressively. While the poisonous punchline of Alex Lopez, Carlos Pineda and Jose Mario PintoAlmost ended in a goal.

With excellent combination and solidity against the tactical and physical football of the Europeans, Bicolor gave pleasant sensations in the development of the first half.

– Supplement –

Rueda gave a chance to Buba lopez In the arch for the second part. But he was baptized just two minutes later. Carlos Pineda made a huge mistake in the beginning and ended up running away colbean borderson and the penalty was awarded by the referee natalie simon,

Was andrey gudjohnson Who made the score 1-0 by making a shot. Iceland’s score literally dropped like a bucket of cold water.

The national team looked nervous and mistakes were being made continuously. andrey gudjohnson He again finished powerfully and Buba was stopped in two. However, the second one arrived and practically became the tombstone in the duel.

devron garcia lost the ball in midfield and was brynjolfr willamson Who responded with class against Bubba’s attempt to deflect the ball. Painful 2-0 on 56.

Bicolor’s Colombian coach maintained a series of testing elements that could have contributed to the loss Edric Menjivar, Daniel Maldonado, Josep Rosales and Choco Lozano, But none of them paid attention.

There was no reaction and the Europeans won comfortably. In history, H Con Rueda recorded its fourth defeat, with three draws and only one win.

They will be available as Legionnaires Albert Ellis, Rommel Quioto, Brian Roches, Rigoberto Rivas, Andy Nazar, Brian Acosta, Luis Palma, Jorge Benguche, Debbie Flores and Alison Rivas. Those who will have to apply bicolor on their back.

conflict against Costa Rica It will take place on March 23 in Frisco, Texas. Sudden death classic because only one will get a ticket to the Copa America.

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– matching data –

(0) Honduras: Marlon Lickona; Kevin Alvarez, Marcelo Santos, Devron Garcia, Wesley Decas; Jorge Alvarez, Carlos Pineda, Jose Mario Pinto, Edwin Rodriguez, Alexander Lopez; Douglas martinez.

(2) Iceland: Haakon Valdimarsson; Leo Gretarsson, Ingi Ingansson, Fannar Balderson, Andri Gudjohnsson, Kolbyn Finnsson, Kolbyn Borderson, Isak Borvalsson, Aron Gudmundsson, Freyr Carlsson and Andersson Willumsson.

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