“If he retires in four months… it’s because he has character, he has balls; “You always have to respect your parents.”


charles ancelotti He spoke at the press conference this Friday and one of the things that came up was when he joined the mother’s campaign toni kross,

Ancelotti reacted to the blue cards shown in Madrid and the Verona canvas: “Whoever wins tomorrow….”

birgit kammermother of crossassured in the podcast that his two sons expect Toni “to accept Real Madrid’s renewal offer to please Ancelotti, his Real Madrid teammates and also Lyon.”

The Italian coach agrees with the mother and sends a message to Tony Cruz.

“You always have to respect your parents, I think that’s something that new generations need at this time. It is a decision that Toni will take at the right time and in the best way,” he said in the press conference before the game against Verona.

Likewise, Ancelotti is confident that the German midfielder will decide to remain at Real Madrid for another year, and will not end his career at the end of the season at the age of 34, accepting the renewal offer that he put on the table. Is.

Likewise, he assured that if he decides not to renew it will be because “he has character and he has balls.”

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Press conference

Cruz’s mother has said that she wants Tony to renew for another year…

“What son would contradict his parents, right? You always have to respect parents, this is something that is missing at this time, in these generations. But this is a decision which he will take at the right time and in the best way.

But what do you think of when you hear the phrase “Cruz could retire in four months”?

“If he does that, he’s got character, he’s got balls.”

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