Taylor Swift is a laughingstock on the web, Spy X Family will soon hit theaters in France…this is today’s cultural recap

culture news Taylor Swift is a laughingstock on the web, Spy X Family will soon hit theaters in France…this is today’s cultural recap

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Four years ago today (February 9, 2020), a South Korean masterpiece won the Oscar for Best Film. After this, Parasite became the first non-English film to receive such an honour. All focus is now on Korean cinema. K-dramas are not left out, and the same goes for musicals or anime that manage to do well. Here’s the culture recap of the day!

Taylor Swift is a laughing stock on the Internet

Taylor Swift is a global star loved by millions of fans around the world. The documentary film dedicated to him even surpassed the box office results of Marvel and other blockbusters produced by Disney in 2023 (obviously not encouraging). Thus the Eras Tour grossed no less than US$260 million internationally. However, her status as an icon does not in any way protect her from social networks, which are always quick to point out certain habits. As for Taylor Swift, her penchant for taking private jets is being mocked this February. A user of X (formerly Twitter) used images from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to clarify a fact known to all fans of the singer: she takes her personal level very high.

Taylor Swift has to go get a snack from the fridge late at night. – Kate Bush’s husband (@airbagged)

This Netflix K-drama turns a woman into a nugget

“A woman enters an interesting machine that turns her into chicken nuggets. Her father and his secret admirer try their best to bring her back to human form.” That’s the premise of this crazy and wacky K-drama, starring Ryu Seung-ryong (Korean Fried Chicken, Masquerade Kingdom) as his father. Are in the role. The eccentric intern is played by Ahn Jae-hong (Mask Girl, The Hunt, Rebound). Directed by Lee Byeong-heon (Korean Fried Chicken) and full of screenplay, comedy and mystery, the series is an adaptation of a particularly popular webtoon. Chicken Nugget will be released on Netflix in 2024.

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An adaptation of the game Werewolves by Netflix

Many people have participated in a game of Werewolves of Thierseliux (sometimes in spite of themselves) and witnessed the early end of a friendship after an unfortunate slander. Loups-Gérus is a new adaptation of the game created by Philippe des Palières and Hervé Marly after Werewolves Within (2021), directed by Josh Ruben, which, against all expectations, won over critics with a resounding 86% on RottenTomatoes. took. Inspired, among other things, by Jumanji, this new Netflix Original is a French production by François Uzan. Whose casting (Frank Dubosc, Jean Reno, Jonathan Lambert) demonstrates the means applied to transfer an atmospheric game to the small screen. Loups-Garous is scheduled for 2024 without further details.

Taylor Swift is a laughingstock on the web, Spy X Family will soon hit theaters in France...this is today's cultural recap

Spy X-Family spin-off film hits theaters in France

One of the most popular anime of 2023 is coming to French theaters in the spring of 2024. The Forager family is abandoning the “animated series” format for an adventure into cinema. French fans of Spy will be. Screening in Japan from December 22, Spy × Family Code: White will delight French film lovers from April 17That is, 4 months after starting his mission on the Japanese archipelago.

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