Shock in Pinar del Rio due to the death of a Cuban youth

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Friday 9 February 2024

The death of a young Cuban named Yondrey Alido has caused great consternation among those close to him.

Cuba’s Delin La Rosa wrote heartfelt farewell messages for him and assured him that he died the day before his birthday.

Responding to journalist Ciro Quartel, the young woman commented that it was believed she died of a heart attack.

“Last night in the Siro barracks, they found him dead in bed, they say it was a heart attack,” he explained.

Meanwhile, he left goodbye words for them.

“My friend, today with great pain I say goodbye to you forever, I still can’t believe it when I saw the news of your loss.

“Oh my friend, who will now give me the advice that you gave me, the advice that encouraged me and gave me the strength to move forward,” he asked.

“I can’t believe I can’t say goodbye to you, a few days ago you said goodbye to me but I didn’t think it would last forever, I just pray to my God that he finds that special place for you Keep it what you deserve my friend, my little brother in spirit,” he wrote.

“Don’t ever doubt that I love you very much my child, I just hope that from above you always look at me from a distance and see my happiness as well as my sadness, today I I say goodbye to you deeply.” With all my heart, I love you and I will never forget you. Yoendree EPD for you”, he concluded.

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