‘If the drugs seized in Vincennes had been burnt, it would have taken 24 days’. Ecuador news

The drugs seized in Vincennes last Sunday began to be confiscated, with the presence of a judge this Thursday, January 25.

Encapsulation is a process that is applied to destroy a drug.

The process is done using a special mixture that is solidified and buried following strict environmental protocols.

The drugs seized in Vincennes will be subjected to an encapsulation process to be destroyed

The destroyed drugs get mixed with the concrete and go into a safety chamber (environmental pool).

The encapsulation process is used to destroy drugs seized in Vincennes.

Anti-narcotics director William Villarroel said the entire substance would be destroyed this Thursday between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

“If the drugs seized in Vincennes had been burned, it would have taken 24 days to work 24 hours a day,” Villarroel said.

Last Sunday, the army discovered about 22 tonnes in an underground bay at Vincennes Farm.

What is encapsulation, the process by which the 22 tons of drugs found at Vincennes Farm will be destroyed

The officer indicated that the order was for all drugs to be destroyed and that a judge was present to complete the process.

Villarroel said the 22 tons of drugs was a significant shipment and it was best to destroy it immediately.

The drugs were taken in a container into police custody. The Ministry of the Interior coordinated the actions.

In Vincennes the destruction of seized drugs is carried out under police custody. Etiquette

Villarroel said police units follow investigative procedures: “This is a sensitive investigation that is being coordinated with the relevant authorities.”

The weapons seized during the operation in Vincennes are at the disposal of the authorities. (yo)

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