Improving the quality of life of cancer patients

He discovered a new technology to improve the quality of life of cancer patientsFreepik.

Oncology experts estimate that During this year, 286,664 new cancers will be diagnosed in Spain, a little better For people diagnosed during year 2023,


Although there is still much to do, the truth is that much progress has been made in recent years prevention, examined and treatmentbut also inside Treatment to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. And one of them is the hyperbaric chamber.

Dr. Anne Escribano, radiation oncologist, The head of the Hyperbaric Medicine Service at Olimpia Quironsalud explains that:

  • “In recent years Hyperbaric medicine is a new support that helps in radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, It not only offers a Significant relief of symptoms, but they also show Promising results in the recovery process,

And, according to recent studies, Improves response to hyperbaric medication immune system Against oncological treatments, reducing fatigue and optimizing conventional cancer treatments In some patients.

Hyperbaric chamber enhances immune response to cancer treatment.

What is involved in hyperbaric chamber treatment?

Hyperbaric medicine is a discipline that involves delivering oxygen at higher than normal pressures to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and thus accelerate tissue healing.,

As the doctor explains:

  • “Patients experience Improvement in wound healing, reduction in side effects and complications arising from its use radiotherapy, Also more tolerance For treatment, providing a more positive outlook during the fight against cancer.”

  • Because as the doctors say, Hyperbaric medication is considered a pharmacological therapy that provides the greatest anti-hypoxic action (against oxygen deficiency).,

Thus its use is very effective in cancer. “There are tumors that are extremely hypoxic And hence more resistant to radio and chemotherapy treatments,” says the oncologist.

So far, Hyperbaric oxygen administration is performed before or after conventional cancer treatments.although it is doing research Possibility of, if administering hyperbaric oxygen simultaneously With radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment, tumor destruction can be increased and therefore more cure can be achieved in some tumors.

This therapy provides relief from the effects of chemotherapy.

These are the benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy

Dr. Escribano explains that the hyperbaric chamber is used many beneficial effects For a patient who is suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment:

  • ,Helps reverse vascular damage Promote the formation of new vessels and capillaries, collagen and fibroblasts necessary for tissue repair and healing.

  • ,stimulates bone metabolism “Promoting osteogenesis and osteoblast formation”.

So much for cancer, but the truth is that hyperbaric medicine It has many more uses and benefits Health, Among them, it provides the best results in the following:

  • general welfare

  • skin regeneration

  • wound healing,

  • diabetic foot
  • soft tissue trauma

  • Chronic ulcer.

The use of hyperbaric medicine is widespread in other pathologies.

And besides, as experts hyperbaric medicine,

,Heals infections caused by anaerobic germs like gangrene, increases collagen production, fracture healing, improves skin texture or recovery from exhaustion,

And its scope of action may be even greater as this therapy has potential benefits in the following diseases:

  • fibromyalgia

  • Headache

  • Facial paralysis

  • chronic pain

  • jingle

  • sudden deafness

  • Post-Covid results

  • degenerative disc disease

  • Cerebrovascular accidents, among others.


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