Insects are bioindicators, spies and medicines – DW – 01/11/2024

For Marta Wolfe, insects are a window to understanding the ecosystems and nature that surround us. Having devoted 30 years to her study, the researcher describes herself as a passionate rather than an expert.

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The renowned entomologist and researcher from the Institute of Entomology of the University of Antioquia shows us some specimens from the most important collection of insects in Colombia and tells about their important contribution to forensic medicine. By examining the country’s endemic larvae, he has managed to improve the understanding of dead organisms and its important role in estimating the time of post-mortem.

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Additionally, Dr. Wolf is leading fundamental research on diseases such as leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. His contributions to these fields have been essential to the study of the species and the development of treatments,
Marta tells us about the “feminine superpower”: I think it’s amazing that nature gives us the ability to cope with many things at the same time, to play and fulfill many roles.

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Her inspiring presence and outstanding achievements are a reminder that women can succeed in any discipline.

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