Internet users are making fun of this strange look of Justin Bieber

Justin and Hailey Bieber immortalized together during a couple’s outing. (Posted on 20 December 2023.)
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A Mexican magazine unveiled a photo on Wednesday, December 20, showing the artist looking somewhat different with disheveled hair. It was enough for Internet users to compare her to the lithe Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s film.

One user asked, “What happened to him?” A Mexican magazine publication indie 505Shared on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday December 20, it really caused a sensation on the social network. We’ve seen Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey immortalized on the street – so far, nothing unusual. The only downside is that the singer, who walks a few steps behind him, sports a peroxided and disheveled cut. But also a disjointed look, composed of a beige jacket, a gray tank top, checked pants and sock slides. This was enough for Internet users to compare the film about Greta Gerwig’s Mattel doll to “Weird Barbie”.

freaky Friday

In the feature film, actress Kate McKinnon plays Gymnast Barbie, an outcast doll who goes through depression after being abused by her owner. In the film, she has a short blonde haircut, is very unstructured, and wears a puffy pink dress adorned with multicolored pieces.

A look and attitude that earned him the nickname “funny barbie» – Translate, “weird barbie”. So Internet users rushed to give Justin Bieber the same nickname. “Hailey Bieber and Weird Barbie – uh, sorry, Justin Bieber,” @rocketjayson joked.

@daysevermore said, “Why does he look like a freaking barbie?”

Others have compared Justin Bieber to a disfigured doll Rugratsor to jamie lee curtis freaky Friday (2003). publication ofindie 505 Thus gaining more than 30.5 million views. A quirky shot that is reminiscent of the reactions generated during another meeting of the couple. In August, the contrast between the outfits of Justin Bieber, wearing a gray tracksuit, and his wife Hailey, who was wearing a red evening dress at the time, particularly pleased his fans.

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