iOS 17.4 App Store will accept streaming video game apps

Video game lover? The good news is that globally, Apple will allow the entry of other apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming

iOS 17.4 App Store will accept streaming video game apps
Video game streaming experience will get better in iOS 17.4

Other Apple’s big announcementAfter third-party stores and browsers other than Safari, streaming of gaming apps on the App Store is for everyone. It will be important for Services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, Steam, as till now it could only be available through the web,

Many changes in the App Store in which video game platforms will be allowed

In addition to the new emoji, starting with iOS 17.4, It will be possible to access cloud gaming platforms from their servers with the entire selection in a single app, In the question, Apple indicates that developers will ship an app with the ability to include all games from their own catalog.

As a rule, such apps will maintain the age rating of the content equal to the highest rating included in the app. Adhering to App Store review guidelines will be important for its approval.

Other relevant changes include Miniapps, minigames, chatbots, and other peripherals that can use Apple’s in-app purchase system For content and other digital services worldwide. This is the first interesting change around the worldSince we remember that alternative stores apply exclusively to EU countries.

Apple is committed to the developer community

These changes announced today by the people of Cupertino are for the benefit of fulfilling the mission of the App Store: A trusted place for users to find the apps they love And? Developers have new capabilities to grow their business, according to Apple. All this without giving up the high standards of security and experience demanded by Apple.

To contribute to continuous improvement in app development, Apple has introduced new analytics for developers to help them get more information about their apps., their performance and their business. There is talk of over 50 new reports that will be available in the App Store Connect API.

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