Iran attacks Islamic State targets and “Zionist spies” in Iraq and Syria with missiles – El National

CAIRO.- Iran’s Revolutionary Guard this morning attacked targets linked to the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and “spies of the Zionist regime (Israel)” in the territory of Iraq and Syria with ballistic missiles, killing at least one person. happened. Two citizens.

According to Iranian media Borna News and Press TV, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard reported the attacks on its social networks, while Iraqi security sources confirmed to EFE that at least eight missiles hit the US Consulate in Erbil – a building under construction. Fell nearby. Iraqi Kurdistan, and two civilians were killed and four were injured.

The Revolutionary Guard statement said the strikes were “in response to recent crimes committed against the Islamic Republic” and that they “targeted the headquarters of anti-Iran spies and other terrorist groups in parts of the region.” “Objectives destroyed,” the note said.

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Iraqi security sources consulted by EFE confirmed that the attack in Erbil came from Iranian territory. In its statement, the Revolutionary Guard explained that the location in Iraqi Kurdistan it attacked with missiles was a “Zionist unit” engaged in espionage “to develop espionage operations and plan terrorist actions in the region and especially in our country.” Was the center of. , ”, as they commonly refer to the State of Israel in Iran.

“We assure our beloved nation that the Revolutionary Guard’s offensive will continue until the last drop of blood of the martyrs is avenged,” the statement said.

On January 3, a twin suicide bombing in the Iranian city of Kerman killed at least 94 people near the grave of Qassem Soleimani, an Iranian general who led the Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force until he was killed by the US. USA bombing Iraq in 2020.

The blasts came just hours after the Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the attack, one of the most brutal attacks against civilians in Iran in decades.

Iran has since detained about 35 people linked to the attack, and claimed that at least one of the suicide bombers was an “Israeli of Tajik nationality”.

Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei last week called for the “hidden” people responsible for the attack to be “destroyed” in an apparent reference to the United States and Israel.


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