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Reached 22.5 million views on Spotify and 13 million views on YouTube in one weekend. It would be an understatement to say that Ariana Grande’s comeback is synonymous with success. After a three-year absence, the popstar released “Yes, End?” Made their comeback with “Vogue”, a house and dance single heavily inspired by their hit “Vogue”. mother of jesus, Which allows her to sign one of the best debuts in history for a female artist on Spotify Adele, Taylor Swift Or Shakira, with over 11 million plays in 24 hours. And if so many fans watched his clip again and again, it was because it contained so many references to his past as well as his future. The most obvious thing is that the structure of the video itself is a reference to Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted”, released in 1988. In both cases, the impressive performance is presented to a crowd of dubious music professionals (journalists or label executives). Singer, who will fundamentally change their mind.

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winks at Michael Jackson And… Mika ,

Thus, several idols are seen in the clip asking “Yes, and?” Ariana Grande’s pose was immortalized on the covers of her albums “Yours Truly”, “My Everything” and “Thank U, Next”. The staircase, the center of the clip’s choreography, will reference the staircase present in the promotional photos for the album “Sweetener”, while the two statues form a six, a possible nod to their latest opus to date, “Positions”. , Some also see in certain choreographic movements, especially when she is sitting on a concrete platform, a reference to the famous “Smooth Criminal”. Michael Jackson , Finally, the beginning of the video with the crumbling statues may remind those present in the clip of “Popular Song”, a song that Ariana Grande shared in 2013… Mika ,

While Ariana Grande’s statue shows her frozen, with her hands covering her eyes, the background shows three women carved in clay. For most inquisitive Internet users, this will be nothing more or less than SZA, Doja Cat and Ice Spice, suggesting that the three American stars will be present on Ariana Grande’s new album, the release of which could be scheduled for March. . Additionally, the star’s seventh album is rumored to be titled “Eternal Sunshine”. Indeed, we can see in the clip the geographical coordinates of the city of Montauk in New York State, where the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” was partially shot, directed by Michel Gondry and starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet Was. Main roles. to be continued !

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