Israel kills two Hezbollah militants in attack in eastern Lebanon

Smoke is rising from Tire in southern Lebanon towards Lebanon near the border with Israel.  (Reuters/Aziz Taher/File Photography)
Smoke is rising from Tire in southern Lebanon towards Lebanon near the border with Israel. (Reuters/Aziz Taher/File Photography)

israel attacked the targets of Hezbollah near the city of Baalbek, Murder of two members of the groupSecurity sources said, The first such attack in eastern Lebanon since hostilities began in the Gaza War.,

This is what the Israeli army said Hezbollah air defense systems were targeted in the attacks. In retaliation for the downing of one of its drones by an Iran-backed group in southern Lebanon early Monday.

Two Hezbollah members killed in Israeli strikes near Baalbek“, he announced AFP A Lebanese security officer. Another security source confirmed this figure.

Earlier Monday, a source said that Israeli attacks targeted a building used Hezbollah in a suburb of Baalbek, and a warehouse belonging to a Shia Muslim group near Baalbek.

Both sources requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

A source close to Hezbollah confirmed this efe Bombing targeted the city hooch taal safiyeOnly 8 kilometers from Baalbek, one of Lebanon’s main tourist attractions and where some of the outstanding Greco-Roman ruins, a UNESCO heritage site, are located.

The Roman ruins of Baalbek (Reuters/Mohammed Azakir/File)
The Roman ruins of Baalbek (Reuters/Mohammed Azakir/File)

Later, Hezbollah announced that two of its fighters were killed by Israeli fire.And a source close to the group confirmed that they were killed in the Baalbek attacks.

The Israeli military announced that it had attacked “air defense” facilities. Hezbollah JanuaryBekaa Valley In response to “the launch of a surface-to-air missile”, which shot down an Israeli drone.

It is the first Israeli strike against Hezbollah outside southern Lebanon since the war began on October 7. Between Israel and Hezbollah’s ally Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Later on Monday, at least one person was killed in an Israeli attack on a car in southern Lebanon AFP Local rescue teams, without giving further details.

From October 8, There is almost daily firing between Hezbollah and its arch enemy Israel.But attacks have largely been confined to the border between the two countries, although Israel has occasionally launched attacks in other parts of Lebanon, including Beirut.

During the funeral procession of a fighter HezbollahOne of the group’s MLAs, Hassan Fadlallah, A tough crackdown was taken against attacks on Baalbek, a Hezbollah stronghold near the Syrian border.

Fadlallah declared in a televised speech, “This Zionist offensive will not push us back, but will increase our resolve.”

“Israeli aggression on Baalbek or any other area will not go unanswered and the resistance will respond appropriately,” he said.

In January, an attack widely attributed to Israel killed the deputy leader of Hamas, Saleh Al-AruriThere are already six militants in the stronghold of Hezbollah In southern Beirut, Hamas’s most prominent figure died during the battle.

On Sunday, Israeli Defense Minister Mohd. Yoav Gallant, I confirm this Israel will not back down in its action against HezbollahEven if there has been a ceasefire and an agreement on hostages in Gaza.

Hezbollah has said that it will stop attacks against Israel if the Israeli army stops its offensive in Gaza.

At least 280 people have been killed on the Lebanese side since the fighting began, most of them fighters HezbollahBut according to the count, 44 civilians also AFP,

According to the Israeli military, 10 soldiers and six civilians from the Israeli side have been killed.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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