Israeli forces killed a senior Hamas commander during an operation at Al Shifa hospital

Israel killed a senior Hamas commander in Al Shifa hospital: he was one of the group’s 10 highest-ranking soldiers (X: @idfonline)

army of israel confirmed on Thursday that its troops had killed Hamas’s top commander Raad Thabet In this Al Shifa Hospital, The announcement represents an important step for Tel Aviv, which managed to neutralize The terrorist militia’s head of personnel and supplies, “considered among the ten highest-ranking military commanders” of the group.

Defense forces spokesman Daniel Hagari said after Shin Bet confirmed that Thabet was killed by naval commandos and other security officials. While the soldiers in the enclave i was trying to run away Head towards the hospital area with other fighters.

Likewise, the spokesperson confirmed that, thanks to their maneuvers in the health center, they managed to eliminate it 200 enemies They took over the facilities and used them as shelters, exploiting the humanitarian aspect and hindering proper care of patients.

Israel Defense Forces increased the number of terrorists killed during the operation in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital to 200 (EFE)

He commented at a time when the army has intensified its manoeuvres, adding, “Around 200 terrorists have been killed in the hospital area since the beginning of the activity.” fourth roundWith the objective of eliminating the enemies from the area and assisting in the evacuation of doctors, patients and equipment.

Also, more than 900 suspects were detained there, of which it has already been confirmed that “513 are members of terrorist groups” and another 350 have already been released.

On the other hand, Israel increased its attacks to areas of Al Amal And NaseerWhere other enemy bases are located near the respective local hospitals.

While these attacks continue, Israel appears determined to expand until RefaEven despite criticism from the international community at the diplomatic level The conversation continues to reach a Truce Which allows a temporary ceasefire to allow for the release of hostages and the entry of more humanitarian aid into the strip.

on the eve, usaOne of the main mediators in the conflict with Qatar and Egypt, announced that they were being “Progress” In talks, which seemed to have come to a halt after the start of Ramadan.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, “We believe real progress was made on the agreement last week and this weekend.” However, he acknowledged that at this advanced stage complex issues remain to be defined, on which – naturally – there will be strong disagreements between the parties.

The United States assured that progress has been made in talks for a ceasefire in Gaza (Europa Press)

“When you get to the end (of the conversation), when you make progress, The problems that persist are often the hardest, Generally, the hardest problems are not solved first, they are solved last,” he said.

The proposal, currently being debated, would envisage a cessation of hostilities for weeks – it is reported, about six – during which Israeli hostages – 40 out of 130 – would be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners.

Similarly, Hamas wants the grounds for a definitive ceasefire to be agreed upon in this period and, with it, a total withdrawal of Israeli troops, which has been categorically rejected by the war cabinet headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, and the terrorist group Has promised to completely eliminate it.

(with information from EFE)

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