“It’s better than any anti-aging drug”


The secrets of anti-aging have been revealed by a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry who has discovered keys that are even better than anti-aging drugs.

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The secret of not aging has been revealed By the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, who has discovered the keys to something that is even better than an anti-aging drug. When it comes to taking care of yourself, there are no pills or creams that are worth it, there is a way to stay young forever and not grow old, which involves following in the footsteps of a scientist.

One of the best chemists in history allows us to know at all times what we need to do to stay young. There are some secrets which even though we know, we probably don’t implement correctly.

It’s better than any anti-aging drug

Nowadays we spend more money As much as we imagine fighting against the passage of time. Life takes us to a situation where old age can come sooner than we imagine. First, gray hair and wrinkles are a reality that we must fight.

Anti-aging medicine seems to be gaining prominence, however be careful as it is not the mainstay that provides us with the desired results. To win this birthday celebration race, you have to be ready to do it with the help of great experts.

Venkatram Ramakrishnan is a British-American structural biologist who shared the prestigious Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009. Born in India at the age of 72, he wanted to tell the world about the rules that lead us to a long life and old age, which takes time to come.

With a few small steps that we implement on a daily basis, we can get what we need without investing any extra money, quite the contrary. We’ll save money and enjoy comprehensive health. The English phrase already says: “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.”

This scientist has a theory that is not too different from popular wisdom, but goes a little beyond the science that may shed some light on a situation that could ultimately make a difference. What we do on a daily basis has unpredictable consequences and can give us more than one headache. For good and bad, we must begin to realize that there are some basic things we should not touch for the sake of our health.

The secret of this Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry not aging

The first step we should take is to eat well, It sounds simple, but if we stop to think. We should include all types of foods in our diet, something that cannot be 100% true. Lack of time is a big enemy for any balanced diet. It costs very little to cook well. It’s just a matter of putting in the work to get what we want. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits, without forgetting essential proteins. But above all, leave processed foods aside, instead of buying everything already made it is worth investing a few minutes in making white rice in 20 minutes and accompanying it with a piece of grilled meat or a potato omelette. This not only wastes our time, but also our health and money. In short, a potato omelette with or without onion is just potato and egg with essential oil and salt to taste or white rice is rice whose one package, salt and oil costs one euro. There should be no pretense in these types of dishes.

The second point from this expert is to get good sleep. An aspect we pay too little attention to, perhaps trying to fit into impossible schedules or trying to get more done in the time we have. Changes that can affect us completely and will be a long-term problem are also not very good for our health. Lack of sleep is very harmful to people, more than we think. To avoid some diseases, our brain should take adequate rest. The nap is also an element that perhaps we have left behind too soon, it is a Spanish origin that helps us take care of our health.

Finally, physical exercise could not be abandoned. It is important to exercise, especially after a certain age. Go for a walk for about 20 minutes, let the sun touch us, let our feet and the whole body move with the sound of footsteps which can be medicinal.

Contact with nature through physical activity may be the key to avoiding some diseases. Everything is possible with the help of a series of fundamental processes. We must be prepared to live longer, but in better conditions, following the ideas of a person who knows well how to take care of himself.

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