‘It’s not funny’: Players complain after Nayeli Rangel suffers massive blow

match took place between tigres and pueblaaccording to Day 13 of Clausura 2024 of Liga MX Femenil became a new happiness for AmazonBecause not only has he achieved a new victory, but he continues to lead the competition as the only undefeated one.

However, not everything is smooth sailing, as the championship favorites suffered a terrible emotional shock and a big scare Nayeli Rangel Had to be left on a stretcher after a strong collision with a football player Puebla, Dulce Aileen Martínez,

Puebla and Tigres players suffered a huge blow in the match played in Cuauhtémoc Stadiumwhere football players Feline It was she who had the worst luck, suffering a blow to her right cheekbone about 3 minutes into the second half.

After this action, central referee Jesús Enrique Herrera Armenta requested immediate access to medical assistance. Shortly after, the football player from Puebla entered the playground Not without any problems, although the Tigray veteran’s luck was not so good leaving the field on a stretcher with an annotation and replaced by Christina Cgatlana,

However, what came across painfully during the broadcast was the ridicule. And, although the voice of the person responsible was not focused on many players in the field and milagros martinezThe club manager, who, to tone down the ridicule, said: “It’s not funny, that this happens to you so we can laugh,” was heard in the grounds. The match ended with an impressive 6–0 victory for the defending champions.

For now, Nayeli stay in puebla To be treated and rule out any type of fracture, to find out if she will be able to rejoin the team or will be out until she fully recovers.

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