Jenna Ortega Provides Some Information Regarding Future Season 2

Spooky – Actress believes the start of the school year at Nevermore Academy promises to be “definitely more frightening”

Attended previous Emmy Awards to defend the first season of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega took the opportunity to provide some details about her long-awaited sequel. And to hear it, the second season of Tim Burton’s Netflix series promises to be full of strong emotions.

“I got part of the script for the second season and we’re definitely headed towards something more awesome,” the 21-year-old actress assured E! news. “It’s really, really exciting, because throughout the series, Wednesday really follows its own trajectory without ever changing. That’s the wonderful thing about him. ,

Which is a way of saying that his character will always be as cold, brittle and sharp as the first season!

Horror, but also action

“There are some very, very good punchlines,” Jenna Ortega then promised. “But everything is bigger and more action-packed. I think each episode will feel like a movie in itself, which is nice. ,

In any case, we’ll still have to wait several months before we can enjoy the second season WednesdayIt was seriously delayed due to the strike movement that has rocked Hollywood in recent months. If filming is to start in the spring, we will probably have to wait until 2025 (…) Read more at 20 minutes

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