Toluca vs Mazatlán match summary (4-1). Target

patience was the best weapon Diablos del Toluca beats Mazatlan 4-1 In their first home game at the Nemesio Díaz Stadium in 2024 and that’s because they knew how to work in a match in which they were at a disadvantage in the first half of the game and thanks to jean meneses They came back and scored.

These were the goals of Toluca vs. Mazatlán

The first goal in Hell in 2024 was courtesy of a collection of visitors andres montano After scoring a penalty in which he deceived Tiago Volpi, charging low and almost into the center of the goal to put Mazatlán ahead 1–0.

The penalty was scored when Brian Garcia fouled a shot by Edgar Barcenas almost on the edge of the area. Wing defender received a warning after complaining. Other than this Referee Jorge Abraham Camacho had to signal a penalty. After review in VAR since he did not see the hand at first.

With better play at times, Mazatlán missed the opportunity that would have consecrated him in Mexican Hell. Brian Rubio missed the second goal Not being able to meet a cross from the left side very well in front of goal, which deservedly ended in the back of the net in the first half.

Mazatlacos repented because Claudio Baeza scored a wonderful goal at 36′, The Chilean received, controlled and after adjusting his body, placed the ball into the corner to make the score 1–1.

afternoon of meneses

Coach Renato Paiva was not pleased with the changes. Firstly he took off Mauricio Isaias on 22 minutes and when he saw that he needed a forward, he sent on Roberto Morales. In the second half he sent off Brian Garcia, who was reprimanded and Meneses was sent to the field.

at 61 minutes Meneses gets his comeback goal After a pass from Robert Morales. The changes worked and the pace of the game still needs to be taken advantage of.

Meneses himself got second place For his personal account and the third of the game for the Devils after taking advantage of a filtered pass from Tomas Belmonte on a counterattack in stoppage time. The goal was disallowed for offside, but VAR showed this chile was online,

Already without the strength to compete, Mazatlán abandoned the game entirely and awarded a penalty to Meneses. so it was goalie time Tiago Volpi scored a penalty to make the score 4-1. and gave Toluca its first win at home in front of its own fans, demonstrating that offensively they are ready and with Alexis Vega and Diego Abreu, who were watching the game on the bench, still missing.

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