Jennifer Connelly believes Tom Cruise ‘absolutely deserves’ an Oscar nomination for Top Gun: Maverick

Jennifer Connelly is rooting for him Top Gun: Maverick Costa Tom Cruise will win the Best Actor Oscar.

The veteran action star reprises his lead role as US naval aviator Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the 2022 reboot of Joseph Kosinski’s original 1986 film. Conley played Cruise’s girlfriend in the new film Penny Benjamin.

Action stars rarely receive nominations for Best Actor, with that category usually awarded to stars with dramatic roles.

Asked in an interview whether Cruz should buck that trend this year Diversity, Connelly confirmed that he should do so.

“He’s extraordinary,” she said. “He has done an amazing job in the film. He’s extraordinary as a person and brilliant as an actor, and I think he’s perfect. He has played that character very beautifully and I think he absolutely deserves it.

Connelly added, “I think the movie is a really well-made movie and it’s really hard to make a movie like that.”

Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise (Getty Images/Paramount Pictures)Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise (Getty Images/Paramount Pictures)

Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise (Getty Images/Paramount Pictures)

“Also, when thinking about Tom’s work, think about the things he did for that role. In addition to all the ground level stuff and how amazing he is in those scenes and building those relationships… I think his relationship with the character of Miles is so beautiful and inspiring. But the work he put in to accomplish those flying sequences is something else entirely.

While for enrollment Rogue This would be an outside bet, considering Cruise has precedent in the Best Actor category. The star has three previous Oscar nominations born on 4th july (1989), jerry maguire (1996), and magnolia (1999).

However, at the recent Golden Globe Awards, Cruise – who was not in attendance – found himself the butt of one of host Jerrod Carmichael’s jokes.

Connelly stars next in dark comedy Bad behavior With Ben Whishaw and Alice Englert. There is no release date for the project yet.

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