Jessica Chastain calls becoming famous late in life a ‘gift’

Jessica Chastain is glad she didn’t find fame so quickly.

The 46-year-old actress, who graduated from the American Academy of Drama in the late 1990s, began her career with several small television roles and appeared in various dramas in New York, but did not achieve success in Hollywood until Found. He was in his thirties.

Although she was initially “disappointed” that it took so long to find fame, she ultimately decided that becoming known around the world a little later in life was a “huge gift” that allowed her to hone her art.

She told Reader’s Digest: “At first I was disappointed. But I realized it was a great gift. I got a huge gift. For me, only work mattered, nothing else. I was leaving the job ” The job, and my only concern was the character I was playing and the story I was trying to tell. So I didn’t have to worry about what would happen when the movies came out and how people would treat you differently. It was an amazing experience.”

The Oscar winner also recalled that she ‘hated’ going to school and would often skip class to read Shakespeare. It was only when she moved on to higher education focusing on drama that she became aware of her intelligence.

She added: “I didn’t like going to school. I didn’t like being in class. I felt like I wasn’t learning anything. So I would sit in my car and read ‘As You Like It’. “It wasn’t until I got it. Going to Juilliard made me realize that maybe I wasn’t stupid. I thought I wasn’t smart because I was getting in trouble in high school, but suddenly, I went to Juilliard and learned about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle! All these things that fascinated me.”

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