Jorge Polanco struck him out twice against San Francisco

After a decade in the organization minnesota twinsThe news was announced in late January George Polanco Now I will wear the uniform. seattle mariners As a result of the changes involved Anthony DeSclafani, Justin Topa and Gabriel Gonzalez.

He left behind a platform in which he managed to join all Star In the 2019 campaign. The fact he missed 82 games of the 2023 season had a lot to do with it. His average was .255, with 14 home runs, 18 doubles, and 44 runs batted in, which he was not able to achieve. On the field.

But now, with seattle, George Polanco He will try to return to his best level. So far, the outlook looks encouraging, as the 30-year-old has made a stellar debut spring trainingprior to opening dayWhich will happen on 28th March.

In his first seven games, he was born San Pedro de Macoris His batting average was .417, with five hits in 12 at-bats, including a double. Additionally, he has three RBI.

Jorge Polanco had a great day against the San Francisco Giants

But all these numbers were too small for what happened this Sunday, March 10 mariners Was measured at Peoria Sports Complex, Arizona San Francisco Giants.

Being second in the order and occupying the middle position, Polanco He had to take his turn in the first episode. There, with one out, he faced the right-hander tommy romero, The first pitch was a ball, as it was well outside the strike zone. Already in the second, he tried to adjust and it was left to the center, which the Dominican took advantage of by throwing it out of the center field.

It didn’t take long to challenge him again. rosemary, who was still on the mound for the second episode. The situation was different here, as there was one out on the board and three men on the pad.

He reached base after being hit by the pitcher in his next at-bat. carson seymour, But what seemed like punishment for Quisquean meant a point again cal raleigh with which gave a double Polanco He recorded his seventh line.

This is how they put 2×7 on top seattle mariners In Arizona, He also raised his average to .500 and had nine RBIs in eight games.

Could this be a sample of what we’ll see from Polanco in the 2024 season?

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