Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce aren’t the only famous couple to make headlines recently. Hailee Steinfeld and NFL quarterback Josh Allen have also been in the news for their relationship in the last year. Let’s take a closer look at their relationship timeline.

May 25, 2023: Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld enjoy their first date night in NYC

During this time frame, there were strong rumors that Josh Allen broke up with Brittany Williams. Who is Brittany Williams? She is the ex-girlfriend of Josh Allen. Amid rumors of his breakup with Brittany Williams, Josh Allen was spotted with Hailee Steinfeld for the first time.

The New York Post shared photos of Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld exiting a black SUV. The two were captured by paparazzi in New York City going on a dinner date on Thursday night. Josh wore a white T-shirt, and Hailey twinned with the star quarterback with her white blazer.

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May 27, 2023: Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld go on another date in NYC

About two days after their dinner date in New York City, Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld went on another date in the Big Apple. This time both were not alone but with two other people. Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen both wore black dresses and looked gorgeous together.

Josh Allen wore a black T-shirt, meanwhile, the Bumblebee actor decided to show off his style in a matching black minidress with heels. She completed her look with a stylish long black coat. The famous pair enjoyed a night out reminiscing about their last date in NYC.

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May 31, 2023: Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld enjoy sushi together

The couple spent a lot of time in NYC. Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld were once again spotted together, this time at a sushi place called Sushi by Bou. Restaurant owner Michael Sininski took some photos with them and shared them on his Facebook page. The pictures quickly went viral.

In one photo, we could also see Josh Allen’s arm around Hailee Steinfeld as the couple posed for a photo with a chef. “More fans of El Chapo @chefsergio_nyc. Thanks to Bill Josh Allen for always stopping by the city and loving Sushi by Bou,” the restaurant founder captioned his Facebook post.

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August 3, 2023: Josh Allen addresses his concerns about paparazzi crossing certain lines

Josh Allen appeared on the podcast Pardon My Take and shared some interesting thoughts. The Bills quarterback was questioned about the ongoing controversy surrounding his personal life, specifically rumors of him kissing his girlfriend. How does he really feel about all the online talk about their relationship?

Josh Allen shared his thoughts, saying, “The fact that someone cares about this still blows my mind.” Continuing in the podcast, he also revealed how he is tired of photographers being aggressive while trying to capture the two together. According to the Bills quarterback, this has created “insecurity” for the celebrity couple.

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October 2, 2023: Hailee Steinfeld steps out with Josh Allen’s mom

Hailee Steinfeld goes shopping with Josh Allen’s mom Lavonne. The two went to the Leveled Up Buffalo shop in East Aurora. Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen’s mom posed for a photo with shop owner Lindsay Vega, who later posted the photo to her Instagram. The mom-girlfriend duo bought themselves some Bills gifts.

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October 12, 2023: Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld look forward to the NHL season opener

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld made their first public appearance as a couple during a hockey game. The two celebrated the start of the 2023 NHL season with a game between the New York Rangers and the Buffalo Sabers at the KeyBank Center in New York.

Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen were seen enjoying the game from the stadium’s VIP suite. This is an obvious move as they wanted to avoid the public eye as much as possible. Rangers won the opening game of the season 5–1.

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January 7, 2024: Hailee Steinfeld hints at romance with Josh Allen

Hailee Steinfeld attended the Golden Globes Awards show on January 7 and was asked about her relationship with Josh Allen. A reporter was seen holding a Buffalo Bills jersey towards him. She looked at him and replied, “Really good.” Before taking another step forward, she turned and said, “Wrong number though!”.

On the red carpet, Hailee Steinfeld faced an incident where she was indirectly questioned about her romance with Josh Allen. But this time, he might have confessed. “What is it about a sporty guy?” an interviewer asked. “Listen, what isn’t this about? Come on now,” she said in response. If it’s not just a sign.

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January 29, 2024: Josh Allen spends some me time with Hailee Steinfeld

A week after the Buffalo Bills’ loss in the AFC Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs, Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld were seen driving around Laguna Niguel in their vehicle. The loss hit the Buffalo Bills hard and Josh Allen definitely needed a break from the game. Hailee Steinfeld was there to support him through the tough times.

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February 10, 2024: Josh Allen hints at tagging along with Hailee Steinfeld at the Oscars 2024

Josh Allen made an appearance in up and adams Show by celebrity sportscaster Kay Adams. During his time there, Josh talked about a lot of things. One interesting revelation he made was what he’ll be wearing during the Oscars, given that he’ll be there with his girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld.

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