Josimar Cousins ​​wins and takes 3rd place in spring training

josimar cousin he started well again chicago white sox,

This Thursday, February 29, chicago white sox His was a double game. In one of them he won with a score of six times five. seattle mariners, About 4 thousand fans attended this game Peoria Stadium,

nikki lopez Gave two doubles. During this yoan ​​moncada He drove in one with a double and one out. He brought his average up to .400.

Josimar Cousins ​​comes through and gets the win for the Chicago White Sox

josimar cousin He came on to pitch in the fifth inning when the score was four to three in favor. seattle, The first batsman he faced, cole young, hit a homerun to right field. Five times three.

However, he later recovered and hit very good shots. he hit johnny farmelo Without throwing it away. dominance blake hunt On a ground ball to third base. Cuban boy brian ramos was combined with Andrew Vaughan to exit. He finished the fifth with another strikeout, this one. tyler locklear swing

Chicago did not score on sixth and josimar cousin He returned to the box. He walked towards the first man Michael Papirski, Forced to hit for a double play Alberto Rodriguez and finished his performance with a strikeout Michael Chavis,

Thus, he finished with two innings in which he scored one run, walked one and struck out three opponents. Individually, he won so his record is 1-0. white sox He scored three in the seventh before Cuban officially left the game.

now in two exits josimar cousin Adds 3.1 entries spring training 2024, He averages 2.70 and has retired with five strikes. Their opponents scored .182 against them.

Another good performance from the 26-year-old prospect.

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