Xiaomi has reduced the price of 50 inch and 4K smart TV

One of the smart TVs I’ve mentioned most in recent months has gone haywire

150 euros less: Xiaomi reduces the price of its 50-inch and 4K smart TV
This is a great front of the Xiaomi TV A2.

Are you looking for a new television that you can enjoy without spending a lot? Do you want a smart TV that you can get the most out of? Xiaomi TV A2 50 Inch Falls in the official store of the Chinese firm, There is a discount of 150 euros, This is one of the lowest prices ever seen.

We are talking about one of the best Xiaomi Smart TVs, a device that hit the market for around 400 euros. Now that it’s collapsed it’s a great option, One of those purchases that’s really worth it, We tell you everything you need to know about Chinese smart TVs.

Xiaomi TV A2 50″

Buy Xiaomi Smart TV at the best price

In front of our hero, Practically non-existent bezels and a colorful 50-inch screen, it is 4K resolutionYou won’t miss a single detail of your favorite movies. It also comes with Dolby Audio, because the Chinese company knows that sound is important too.

The operating system that gives life to this television is developed by Amazon and is named fire tv os, I use it every day at home, it’s the one that contains it Highly recommended fire tv stick, It runs fluidly, it’s beautiful and it will allow you to download Best Series and Movie Apps,

Of course, we can’t talk about Amazon without mentioning it Alexa, your virtual assistant. It is one of the most advanced that exists and it will be at your disposal whenever you need it, you just have to press a button. I know from experience, You’ve never had a TV this smart before.,

Xiaomi TV A2 50″

You have nothing to think about, you will not find another smart television like this for less than 350 euros. There’s a reason I’ve recommended this Xiaomi A2 so many times, it’s a buy that can’t fail, The price of 349 euros will not be available forever, so don’t think too much about it if you are interested.

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